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Greens Target African Kids, Again

Not content with 50 million preventable deaths already on their bloody green hands, radical environmentalists have once more persuaded the WHO that life-saving DDT programs in Africa must be eliminated:

Most malarial deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where chloroquine once worked but started failing in the 1970s as the parasite developed resistance. Even if the drugs were still effective in Africa, they’re expensive and thus impractical for one of the world’s poorest regions. That’s not an argument against chloroquine, bed nets or other interventions. But it is an argument for continuing to make DDT spraying a key part of any effort to eradicate malaria, which kills about a million people — mainly children — every year. Nearly all of this spraying is done indoors, by the way, to block mosquito nesting at night. It is not sprayed willy-nilly in jungle habitat.

Greens point their puritan fingers at skeptics and make incredible claims that if no action is taken on ‘global warming’ that millions of people MAY die.  In this case, because of greens, millions WILL die.

Of course, the pending body count fits the death cult depopulation agenda of hysterical greens.  The inconvenient truth is that the people being depopulated are unwilling innocents sacrificed on the green altar.  Again.

David Suzuki and other green crusaders accuse climate realists of intergenerational crime, when the real crime, genocide, belongs to the green activists pushing another DDT ban.


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