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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jun. 10th 2010

Greenpeace activists are headed to jail, a hippie invades Wattsworld and it has been a rough week for alternative energies wind and solar.

All this and a spooky hottie too.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Gore played at gotcha with Big Oil, using a 1962 magazine ad to show how evil oil firms bragged about producing enough energy to melt glaciers. Lets not misunderstand Al, just because he’s using a 48-year old advertisement does not mean he’s desperate, just morally bankrupt.

The Gore effect struck in the Philippines, where it snowed the very day Al appeared there.  Coincidence, or karma?  I know, let’s blame PETA’s  emitting cow.

Al continues to get bad press for his new mansion in California, but his old unit came in for some unexpected praise.  You might think twice about clicking that link, srsly.


Did Al and Tipper separate to protect the Goreacle’s fortune?  That’s too cynical even for me, but you decide.

The Puffington Host had a satirical dig at Al, wondering what his J-date profile might look like:

I’m a recently single southern gentleman, though since I failed to carry my own state of Tennessee in the 2000 election, I really consider myself to be a citizen of the world, who is looking for a special lady to take short carbon neutral hikes followed by globe trotting in my private plane to attend conferences with other long winded academics. Must have your own reusable water bottle.

When you’ve lost the lefties at the Host, there’s a fat lady singing somewhere.

Twitter users had even more fun at Al’s recent new single status, with Gore pick up lines:

roboutik : “Do you know how much that dress is contributing to global warming? Cuz you’re makin me hot!” #gorepickuplines

Gwednesday: “I’d like to leave my carbon footprint..in your bedroom.” #gorepickuplines

Meanwhile, Al wiped a tear from his eye and blogged about the new book ‘climate war‘:

Bill Clinton described the book this way, “Eric Pooley has written a riveting tale, the very first account of the epic American campaign to get serious about global warming.

Does ‘a riveting tale’ sound like a hard science tome to you?  Me either.

David Suzuki, Canada’s own resident totalitarian hippie, may be alarmed to read that he is campaigning for this:

The real issue of Saturday’s anti-oil rally in Kitamaat Village wasn’t really broached until David Suzuki stepped up to the plate.  The battle over the pipeline – to build, or not to build – is a big one, no doubt.  But to fight oil corporations on a project-by-project basis is to fight but another minor skirmish in the major war environmentalists are waging to introduce real, sustainable climate change in this culture and country.


Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Barbara Boxer claims that global warming will cause wars.  Add it to The List.

The Guardian has declared that this year will be the warmest ever. If you discount the Medieval warming period, the Roman warming period and every year before records began, that is.  as if the scary headline isn’t enough, the newspaper then strikes fear into the heart of every man and takes aim at the carbon footprint… of beer.

You think global warming supporters are in trouble now?  Just try messing with beer, hippies, I dare you.

Global warming activist scientist Phil Mote gets taken to the woodshed:

Phil Mote single-handedly damaged the economy of Washington State when as state climatologist he published a cherry picked data analysis allegedly linking western snowpack to global warming. Action taken by the Governor and Seattle’s equally clueless mayor have moved the state in the wrong directions with regards to energy policy and planning and left the state unprepared for the snow and cold of recent winters, costing lives.

Holy paranoia, Leo Hickman sees skeptics everywhere.

Finally, Joe Romm talks on a subject he is an expert on.  Ignorance. It’s a bit much to listen to emo-Romm rip Carly Fiorina for her ignorance when he contorts logic to try and blame the Gulf oil spill on Dick Cheney.

Lord Whitewash Oxburgh refuses to answer questions about his whitewash inquiry into Climategate.  When asked for transcriptions Oxburgh said:

The important point to emphasise is that we were assessing people and their motivations. We were not assessing the wisdom of their judgement or the validity of their conclusions. It was for this reason that the membership of the panel included outstanding and very experienced scientists from outside the field. All had long experience of assessing scientists. I think that we all felt that looking people in the eye over many hours of discussion about their work and their methods, are just as important as what they say. I believe that the presence of third parties or recording devices could not begin to capture that. It was my judgement that we were most likely to be able to make a fair assessment if proceedings were as informal as possible. We played things very much by ear and at regular intervals withdrew to assess progress, compare impressions and discuss whether we wished to change tack or do anything differently. This was an exercise that depended totally on the experience and judgement of the Panel members.

Shut up, he explained.

Eco-terrorist group Greenpeace attacked tuna fishermen in the Mediterranean, and one got, um, hooked.  Hippie-hooking video at the link.  Greenpeace seems surprised that men trying to earn a legal living react badly when jobless hippies try to interfere with their livelihood.  The good news that Japan is about to send a couple of Greenpeacers to jail.

The NYT finds survivalists it can support.  They’re peak oil alarmists stockpiling food, but without the scary militia connotations.  Or something.

A hippie invaded Anthony Watt’s office, uninvited.  Watts was unimpressed.  The hippie has her own side of the story.  I know which one I believe and it ain’t the dirty hippie.

Canada is being pressured by Nobel laureates to include global warming on the G20 agenda.  Fortunately, since Oslo began handing out Nobels in boxes of Crackerjacks, PM Harper can safely ignore self-important gong-holders.

free you collect three coupons

The UN warns that global warming will cause ‘mega-disasters‘, which is disturbing.  Did global warming cause the UN, or is that a circular reference?

As the prospects of a US climate bill wane, corporate green welfare whore GE wonders, why wait?

Prince Charles believes that flying planes into buildings can save the planet, or something.  I’m not sure Chuck is playing with a full deck these days.

After losing yet another debate, George Moonbat zeroes in on Lord Monckton and issues a devastating column of name calling.

Travel the world and save the planet?  A family goes around the world but calls themselves eco-friendly, so its okay.

Delingpole unleashes on the bird-shredding industry.

…Spain’s concerted government-funded drive towards wind and solar power has been an utter catastrophe. Electricity costs have risen by 60 per cent while the 50,000 “green jobs” it created cost 571,000 Euros per job via government subsidy, effectively losing 2.2 jobs in the real economy for every one created in the green one.

Just wait until he hears about solar death panels.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

A turn in the tide for California’s water-deprived farmers might be in the offing if humans are given a fair shake against the mighty delta smelt.  This potential good news for one sector of the Golden State comes as news that AB-32, the states global warming bill, is a disaster:

When Gov. Schwarzenegger signed AB 32 four years ago, California’s jobless rate was 4.9 percent. It’s now 12 percent, reaching as high as 20 percent in 8 counties. The state’s budget bleeds with red ink (deficit: $19.1 billion) and its economy is among the nation’s worst.  And now, the California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), the Golden State equivalent of the Congressional Budget Office, has issued a dire warning that AB 32 will mean more economic pain and joblessness for a state already mired in both.

UK TV presenter Johnny Ball berated the global warming gloom and doom lobby.   Mr Ball may expect his career to do a Bellamy.

Sarah Palin pokes environmentalists for blocking land-based oil drilling and lays some blame for the BP accident on Big Green.  she’s not entirely wrong, but let’s hope she doesn’t use spill, baby, spill.

More problems for wind farms, they cause health problems for people who live close to the giant bird shredders, and a 15-year old study comes back to bite the greens on their favorite alternative energy:

And so there is the joke:

Q: “When is an environmentalist not an environmentalist?”

A: “When it comes to windpower.”

Think about it: industrial wind parks are noisy, intrusive, cement-and-steel intensive, require service roads in the wilds, and must be shadowed by inefficiently-run fossil-fuel generation. And did we say that wind in more expensive than other forms of electric generation that provide non-intermittent power?

Global warming causes the glaciers to melt.  Wait, what?  Natural cycles? Okay, nevermind.

A climate scientist wants to be left out of blogs, but loses all his data so he can’t be checked, which makes him a target for blogs…

Climate alarmist John Abrahams issued a scathing critique of Lord Moncktons heartland Summit speech.  Monckton rebuts, robustly.

US data shows the inconvenient truth that the world has been a lot warmer than it is today, back even before Al Gore needed another mansion.

click for full-size goodness

The ‘science is settled’, the ‘debate’ is over.  Actually, scientists were guessing about the source of CO2 emissions.  That’s right, $64 trillion needed to fox a problem that might not exist.  Now that’s a deal.

The IPCC is so focused on temperature, it may be missing the big picture about what drives climate.

NASA, an organization that should know better, promotes bad science in the name of alarmism.

The warming of the past 50 years was perfectly predictable by looking at natural cycles. No SUV’s or factories to blame.

Your weekly It’s the Sun, stupid link.

Hippies must be wide eyed in fear as the media turns against the global warming hoax and starts asking awkward questions.

Brazil blocked a carbon sequestration project, because Brazilians understand that burying carbon is nonsense and that the scheme is a wealth transfer scam from their economy to the UAE and others that want billions to ‘defray’ carbon capture costs.

New green buzzword, ‘swarm power‘.  Or, lots of noisy, inefficient generators trying to fill in for unreliable wind and solar projects.

Today is the day that the EPA may become the most powerful agency in the United States.  Be afraid…

Your weekly must read link: Climate science does not stand up to scrutiny.  Professor Jason Johnston, Director of the Program on Law, Environment and Economy at the University of Pennsylvania Law School investigated and found:

Professor Johnson, who expressed surprise that the case for global warming was so weak, systematically examined the claims made in IPCC publications and other similar work by leading climate establishment scientists and compared them with what is found in the peer-edited climate science literature. He found that the climate establishment does not follow the scientific method. Instead, it “seems overall to comprise an effort to marshal evidence in favor of a predetermined policy preference.”

The full (long) report is here (pdf).

Good news for people, economies and progress, the UN says that the world will fail to make deep cuts in emissions.

Warming, what warming?  It’s getting mighty cool around North America.

Lindsey Graham, the man who wrote the US climate bill before he walked away from it, says global warming is not such a big deal after all:
“The science about global warming has changed,” he noted, offhandedly. “I think they’ve oversold this stuff, quite frankly. I think they’ve been alarmist and the science is in question,” Graham told reporters. “The whole movement has taken a giant step backward.”

Ouch, take that Al Gore.

Another person who has woken up to the truth that global warming is natural, not man-made, is Peter Taylor. Taylor has new book to sell, but researched the climate science he once believed in and found it lacking credibility.  There are only three types of people left that believe global warming is anything other than natural; the gullible, the hardcore anti-du-jour-activists and those getting rich off the first two.

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd wants to make global warming a core election issue.  In Canada we had a politician who wanted to do the same thing, with disastrous results.  You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who even remembers who Stephane Dion is these days.  Aussies can hope the same is true of Rudd, soon.

Global warming kills rare English orchids.  Oh, wait.  That was the local council, three years in a row.

Hippies and Al Gore will be displeased to learn that more Americans believe in ghosts than global warming.  Of course, ghosts have better marketing.  And yes, that obscure reference is a hint about your hottie.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Eu must be running out of money even faster than feared.  First it wants to fine the UK for failing to meet air quaility targets and six other members for failing to implement climate laws.  Of the six nations to be fined, Greece is one.  Good luck collecting that cash, EU.

The Canadian government has admitted that targets for emissions reduction are weaker than predicted.  Which neatly coincides with how much people care about the global warming hoax.

When scientists get things wrong:

…there aren’t that many scientists involved in the IPCC deliberations. The inner core is possibly twenty souls. Secondly, they were untroubled by the necessity to concoct fraudulent data to get their desired results. The only unknown question regarding the IPCC scientists is “Did they actually believe in the global warming that they were promoting?”

Chronicling the decline in the media’s support for all things climate change.

Texan educators were ordered to ensure that children were taught both sides of the global warming debate.  It’s not happening.

Green tech broken down into three categories: Efficiency Tech, Bull Tech, and Real Tech.  An example of bull tech?  The Tesla:

Examples of Bull Tech include the Chevy Volt, the Tesla, ethanol, and biofuels. Take for example the much-hyped electric automaker Tesla. Can you guess the average cost of a new car sold in America? $28,400. The price of an absolute, base-model, stripped-down Tesla? $50,000. This is after $7,500 tax credit from Uncle Sam, so the real cost is $57,500 plus the cost of installing a 220-volt plug in your garage. Not only are Teslas financially out of reach for the average American, but they aren’t zero emissions, either. The electricity to manufacture and power them has to come from something, and guess where it most comes from? Coal-fired plants.

Montgomery County became the first in America to enact a carbon tax.  Now they are being sued by the local power company.  It isn’t easy being green.

The UK’s environment agency has banned employees from taking flights to any place in England that is serviced by train.  They can still fly to Scotland, but why would they want to, unless they want to help the hapless Scots rein in the oil firms protesting a new north of the border tax.

As an anti-EPA power grab movement works in Washington, the Whitehouse threatens to veto any legislation it creates.  President hapless would seem to prefer the EPA ran America, since it interferes with his golf schedule.

Wellington boots can now be called iWellies, because they have been adapted to generate enough electricity to power an iPod.  Question… how many hipsters have you ever seen wearing wellies?  Market research, it’s there for a reason.

A CDC official and weather hysteric claim that increased heat waves caused by global warming will create a public health disaster.

NASA is to study arctic ice. Skeptics everywhere hope they send global warming muppet James Hansen.

UK taxpayers have discovered that £265 million doesn’t mean anything when it comes to meeting alternative energy target dates.

Smart windows that tint themselves might save homeowners money on power consumption.

Carly Fiorina is accusing Barbara Boxer of being more concerned with the weather than terrorism.  The NYT may disapprove of such unorthodoxy, but Carly is right, and Democrats are afraid that voters will hear that simple message come November.

Part Five: Global Hottie

I mentioned ghosts have good marketing.  Who can argue that point when Jennifer Love Hewitt is the Ghost Whisperer.  It’s Ms. Hewitt’s first appearance as the global hottie, so be nice.


Thanks for reading.