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WWF’s Reputation Back in the Toilet

The World Wildlife Fund is in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons.

The organization that outraged the world by using 9/11 imagery to promote their global warming agenda has infuriated the UN and Saudi Arabia for breaking and flushing a name plate of the gulf state:

Pieces of the smashed Saudi Arabia sign — about 30 cm and placed on a table to identify the delegation during negotiations — were dropped in a toilet and then photographed, delegates said. The pictures were then put up on some walls.

The action was said to be in protest at a Saudi vote against tougher greenhouse gas targets.  It gives a good insight into the small minded people that populate the WWF when the best a well-funded Big Green NGO can manage as protest is offensive vandalism.

keep a lid on it

At least the WWF has apologized to the UN and Saudi Arabia:

Director General Jim Leape said in a statement that it had “apologised unreservedly” to Saudi Arabia and the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).  “The incident was completely unacceptable under the standards of the Convention and the standards of WWF,” he said.  “The individual responsible has expressed deep remorse and apologised unreservedly for his actions. He is no longer working for WWF.”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s round-up, imagine the furor if a US rep or a BP employee had done the same thing.  It would be the Gitmo toilet story all over again.  The WWF is lucky not to have a fatwa issued against it.