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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 17 2011

Greenpeace hippies are going to jail, Al Gore gets to inspect the underside of a bus and the Dutch want to glow in the dark.

All this explained and a hottie too.  You’re welcome.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Hippie of the week is Mark Hertsgaard.  Hertsgaard is a man who believes his daughter will be very thirsty in the future and happens to have a book to sell, so he turned into Michael Moore lite and hijacked Senator Inhofe with daft questions about global warming.  It’s not a fair fight, which is why the full 5 minutes is featured on Inhofe’s YouTube channel but only 2 minutes is on Hertsgaards.

Even other warmists cringed at the lame name calling and gotcha videos, and you can see why for yourself:


Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Al Gore and the UEA motley CRU were tossed under the bus by Berkeley prof Richard Muller:

“There are the exaggerators, like Al Gore and Tom Friedman who tell you things that are not part of the consensus … (which) goes largely off of thermometer records.” Some scientists who fear that their results will be misinterpreted as proof that global warming is not urgent, such as in the case of Climategate, fall into a similar trap of exaggeration.

When you’ve lost Berkeley, you’ve pretty much lost.

Who will save the children?  Not from global warming, but from lunatic parents who think the Earth is melting.  Mark Hertsgaard uses his daughter as emo-ammo in his fight against ‘climate cranks’, now HuffAOLPo’s Richard Wiles is fretting about lying to his kids when he tells them everything will be alright. If Wiles had been a good warmist he would have avoided breeding altogether and presto – no problem.

German warmists are alarmed, but more about waning support for the global warming hoax than actual global warming.  Their answer is to study skeptics tactics, which is their first mistake.  It’s not the marketing, it’s the product.  Global warming was shown to be baloney thanks to the IPCC and Climategate, the Germans can polish the turd all they like, but it’s still a turd.

Welcome to the great green life where light bulbs are dim, toilets are clogged and dishes won’t gleam.

greens hate feminists, it's the only explanation

Oh noes, food prices are rising because of global warming.  Ethanol has nothing to do with it – industry groups say so, therefore it must be true.

The Lush empire boss wants to fund cops to stop rural crime, even as he funds eco-terrorists.  NIMBY, much?

Australian PM Gillard promised the nation last August that she’d never implement a carbon tax.  Unfortunately there must have been a teleprompter malfunction because she forgot to finish that thought with ‘until July 1st 2012‘.  Unless she lied, but that can’t be it.

The University of Arizona warns of sea-level rise caused by global warming.  Before investing in some AZ beach front property, consider the source’s credibility first.

Good news, the ever impartial BBC equates climate skeptics with pedophiles, racism and homophobia.

The lesser spotted alarmist Newt may be endangered, even extinct by 2012.

Citibank went full scaremonger by hiring American Council on Renewable Energy head Michael Eckhart as leader for Citigroup’s environmental strategy desk.

Odd goings-on at NASA GISS where an inconvenient graph became suddenly unreadable, before being restored when it was noticed by a skeptic blog.

Joltin’ Joe Romm is shocked, shocked to see young CPAC attendees tossing eggs at images of Al Gore and Michael ‘Stick’ Mann, of whom Romm says:

…two much-vindicated climate hawks whose only crime is trying to provide accurate information to the public and policymakers in an effort to preserve a livable climate for the next generation…

Mann & Gore providers of accurate information.  I’m waiting for the punchline.

Oh noes, tipping points, last chances and global warming is an epidemic.  Scandimonger Erik Rasmussen covers all the bases.  Technically, global warming would be a pandemic, not an epidemic.  Rasmussen can correct his error and up the stakes at the same time.  Win!

Skeptical Science vs. Popular Technology in a comment/post flame war about Google Scholar.  It’s more entertaining than it sounds.  No, really.

Weepy Bill McKibben receives a swift kick to the nuts from Donna Laframboise.

Let me get this straight. We’re supposed to pay attention to your views about global warming even though you have no scientific training whatsoever. Yet when someone who possesses both scientific training and science policy expertise wants to talk about these same issues, you imply that because he isn’t a hurricane, soil, or ice scientist he doesn’t deserve a platform.

Donna then turns her attention to the broken, bleeding IPCC whom she has demolished over recent weeks, but Minx the Merciless knows no, err, mercy:

…we’re left with the uneasy feeling that a full 13 years before the IPCC was even born its first chairman had already decided that fossil fuels didn’t merely affect the climate, but that the affect was so adverse their use would need to be curtailed.

In California, high tides are proof of global warming, or something.

The Sierra Club, fisked.

In 20 days the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey will land on the ice (if they can find any).  How many days until we learn of the dramatic rescue of the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey is uncertain.

Hippies heading to jail is always a favorite and to make this one especially fun is the Greenpeace angst that breaking the law, climbing things that don’t belong to you and crashing events without proper credentials results in (gasp) consequences:

Outrage and astonishment: those are the words that came to my mind when I learned of the trial. How can it be that in a democratic country, at the heart of Europe, citizens and NGOs are increasingly facing prosecution because they take an active role in society? How can we bear witness and expose environmental issues if our core values – nonviolent direct action, creative confrontation – are under threat?

And even if acquitted in this case, the prosecution of peaceful activists does potentially have serious consequences. Citizens who wish to speak out get scared away by the judicial aftermath of a peaceful action, and organisations like Greenpeace are criminalised and thrown on a pile together with terrorists.

More popcorn, please.

Oh noes, global warming may ‘re-route’ evolution.  Add it to The List. I, for one, welcome our Delta Smelt overlords.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Rethinking wind power – in the UK ‘inefficient’ wind farms face the axe, in Ontario offshore turbines are scrapped.

How Texas lost power in the midst of a cold spell:

It seems that a great deal of natural gas got “stuck in the pipes” because there was not enough electricity to operate the pumps to move it along. And there was not enough electricity to operate the pumps because environmentalists had seen to it that plans for new coal-powered generating plants had been shuttered back in 2007. So without the coal, there was no electricity, and without the electricity, there was no natural gas. And since much of the natural gas was intended to supply electrical power generating plants, there was even less electricity to supply the pumps and everything else.

Sophialabertina has a lot more on the very cold Texan winter.

Since governments banned incandescent light bulbs we’ve faced the perils of mercury in our homes.  Then we are to be saved from the toxic CFL’s by LED light bulbs.  Oh, wait, nevermind:

…light-emitting diodes marketed as safe, environmentally preferable alternatives to traditional lightbulbs actually contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances, according to newly published research.

Oh noes, don’t tell AL Gore, but global warming does not cause weirder weather.  More on this hippie buzzkill here.

Washington battle lines are being drawn around the EPA’s plan to regulate CO2.  The GOP aims to defund that idea.

Green is no longer attractive for those who manage green – big money is running fast from green projects as governments suddenly realize the true cost of subsidizing giant bird shredders and solar panels:

The key to long-term economic success now appears to be safely premised once again on solid market innovation, not ideologically driven government subsidies; such subsidized ventures have a long and notorious history as lame duck enterprises. It seems ‘green renewables’ has become the latest of these white elephants.

Another sign that green tech is in trouble is the shift in reasons to support it.  No longer is it about saving Gaia from greenhouse gas, it’s about jobs.  Next time you see this from a politician, remind them how Spain discovered the truth about green energy and jobs.

New Brunswick woke up to discover it’s shiny new $200 million wind farm was frozen solid.  The local avian community was happy, even if no-one else was.

Good news for Aussie families – it’s only going to cost them $2000 to save a 1oooth of a degree.

Hippies everywhere are tearing their dreads out at news about another pesky species saving itself from global warming armageddon.  Frogs, it seems, are recovering just fine.

smug frog is smug

Awkward moments for the Bureau of Meteorology as a formal audit of its temperature records is demanded.  Do shredders cause global warming?  Just askin’.

Green on green action – the American Wind Energy Association versus the American Bird Conservancy face off in a cage match over how many birds are blended for green power:

It [ABC] added the wind industry should be subject to mandatory standards like the other energy industries. “Wind energy has the potential to be very green, but it is only smart if it is bird smart. That means the wind industry needs to put turbines where there aren’t high concentrations of birds, adopt existing technology to reduce bird mortality, mitigate unavoidable bird mortality and compensate for lost habitat”, the organization added.

Green energy treated like evil fossil fuels.  Oh the ironing.

Fun with correlation = causation.  US debt causes global warming.

Global warming is caused by a trace gas essential to life on Earth, because warmists can’t think of anything else.  No, really.

Global warming melts permafrost, which causes global warming, which… oh you get it.  Turns out Henry Waxman was right, all that tundra was held down by ice, or something.  Will flying tundra affect the Catlin adventurers?

The EPA has about ten reasons for regulating CO2, the ATI has about ten reason the EPA is wrong.  Coincidence?

Part Four: AGW in the News

Ontario faces a future with too little power at too high a cost.  Thanks, Green Energy Act.

Rare earth minerals are in high demand for green and hi-tech.  Pity about the environmental disaster areas where the rare earths are mined.

The UK decides that worries about de-industrialization trump imminent planetary melt-down.  Unless all the hype about warming was just hot air, that is.

The EPA has a target on its back.  Can we say that yet?

Wind power is an idea so beloved that governments are forced to bribe communities to accept it.  Wait, what?

How many Eurohippies popped their clogs at the news the Dutch are spurning renewables to build nukes?

The BBC continues the meme that it you’re a skeptic then you must be nuts.

A US Congressman wants to defund the UN IPCC:

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-9) today reintroduced legislation that would save taxpayers millions of dollars by prohibiting the United States from contributing to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an organization fraught with waste and engaged in dubious science.

Oh noes, hippies lose jobs as the Carbon Trust loses 40% of its funding.  It’s almost as if real problems are becoming more important than fake, feelgood initiatives.  Who could have seen that coming?

American law makers can attack their lunches with proper cutlery again as biodegradable Pelosi-ware is scrapped.

People want their incandescent light bulbs back, and now.

West-End win for skeptics as the battle of the warmist vs. skeptic plays is a box office blow out in favor of the deniers.

Liberal bias in science?  Say it ain’t so. The comments are a riot, starting with this one and heading downhill in a hurry:

…of course academics lean left-liberal, that’s because liberalism is fundamentally based on free-thinking, whilst conservatism is fundamentally based on blindly doing what you’re told

The President of the Union of Concerned Scientists calls the GOP ‘closed eyed’ to climate science.  The Union of Relaxed Scientists made no comment.

US ecogroups are infiltrating Canadian politics to attack those that support Canadian oil sands development.

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty claims the reversal of offshore wind development has nothing to do with the coming fall election.  Also unrelated to the election is the billion dollar bribe to hide the rising cost of power.  Right.

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.  The thorium kind, please:

It can’t melt down, it makes only minimal waste, and it can’t be used for making bombs. It doesn’t even use uranium, which is rare and dangerous to handle; it uses thorium instead, which is common and safer to work with.

Weather is climate again – global warming causes floods just as surely as a press release causes a Louise Gray column.

Intrepid explorers plan to drive from Russia to Canada over the Arctic.  Which can only mean that awareness needs raising.


Part Five: Global Hottie

The Dutch want nukes, which makes the choice of a Netherlander hottie a no brainer.  She was a mutant in the X-Men, but let’s not hold that against a hottie who makes her round-up debut today.  Say Heineken to your global hottie, Ms. Famke Janssen.


Thanks for reading.