Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar.17th 2011

The new color of eco is blue, the hippie of the week is red-faced and the Koch Brother’s green is evil.

All this and the hottie makes a record third appearance.  How Wilde is that?

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Hippie of the week is Grist contributor Christopher Mims.  He was mentioned in this post earlier in the week, but his dedication to alarming people by blaming the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on global warming deserves the recognition only a HOTW win can bring.

The wisdom of Mims:

This means a world in which we are warming the earth by pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at a pace that is unprecedented in Earth’s history is also a world in which the consequences of climate change could come hard and fast, including tsunamis and earthquakes.  The pace of the response of earth’s geosphere to the rapid climate change we are currently experiencing is up for debate. It seems logical that rapid climate change would lead to rapid geological response, as in past eras of climate change as revealed in the fossil record.

Since publication, Mims has edited the post several times, clearly stung by the negative reaction from both the  left and right.  Not long ago, a piece like this would have been trumpeted around the Internet by hippies without a second thought, but as support for the global warming agenda collapses, even warmists understand that shoot-from-the-hippie articles like Mims only further damage alarmist’s credibility.

From a skeptical point of view, Mims is a recruiter – the more nonsense he writes, the more people wonder why warmists are so desperate.  Thanks, Chris.

And, for the record, melting glaciers don’t cause earthquakes.

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Al Gore is regretting the downtime that cost him his own section of the round-up.  He’s blogging up a storm these days, clearly trying to win his place back.  Quick tip to Al (you know he’s a lurker) – money talks.  Just sayin’.  This week Al talked turkey about Turkey’s energy policy, he celebrated some entirely unverifiable numbers from the soon to be broke and penniless EPA and highlighted Henry Waxman’s vision of the future for energy policy.

But nothing, beats the news that Al has a new book deal.  The book has yet to be given a title but sounds exciting:

From demographics to democracy, Gore plans to explore what he calls the drivers of global change, framing the international conversation about the future in fresh and provocative ways.

Title suggestions are welcome.  Should Al go with something provocative like ‘Confessions of a crazed sex poodle’ or more serious like ‘Earth is doomed but buy my book because there are some mansions I don’t own yet’.  You decide.

Time Magazine frets over the question why Americans don’t believe global warming is a problem:

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