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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 23rd 2011

Scientists demand respect, Texans see the light and even other hippies are worried about the IPCC’s geoengineering plans.

Some housekeeping notes: the Round-Up has undergone a little makeover.  AGW in the News is retired as a section. Links that would have appeared there now go directly into other sections.  More changes are planned in the coming weeks in an effort to keep the weekly round-up fresh.  Any suggestions are welcome, drop me an email or leave a comment with your input.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Hippie of the Week is Greenpeace head honcho, Kumi Naidoo.  Kumi was arrested in Greenland for clambering onto Cairn Energy’s Leiv Eriksson drilling platform to protest the operation:

“The Arctic is a global commons,” [Greenpeace] said in a statement. “It’s our duty as world citizens to come together to shield it from the ravages of oil exploitation and global warming, isolate it from the din of nationalist squabbling, and keep it safe for future generations.”

wax on, wax off

Justice in Greenland is swift, if not terrible.  Kumi spent a few nights in jail before being deported and banned from Greenland for a year.  A whole year without access to Greenland? Srsly? Methinks the Vikings have grown soft.  But the sentence is what it is and poor little Kumi’s gone from ‘No Nukes’ to ‘No Nuuk’.

Part Two: Warmists & Alarmists

Salon blames global warming for burning down the American west.  Oh noes:

…more than 700 square miles of Arizona and more than 4,300 square miles of Texas have been swept by monster wildfires. Consider those massive columns of acrid smoke drifting eastward as a kind of smoke signal warning us that a globally warming world is not a matter of some future worst-case scenario. It’s happening right here, right now.

There’s a good takedown of Salon’s dodgy science here.  In the real world, it seems the culprit for the wildfires might be bad hombre Mexican smugglers. Next week in Salon, ‘Global Warming Causes Mexican Smugglers’.

In the wake of yet another climate science scandal, NOAA issued a ‘scientific integrity manual‘.  Somewhere in there it probably says ‘don’t hide the decline’. Or it should.

Kids in Maryland can’t graduate unless they learn about global warming.

Cheap, abundant shale gas is bad news for greens who want more money for giant bird shredders.

On the topic of bird shredders, a cartoon by Josh:

Aussie scientists demand respect:

At its annual gathering in Canberra today, the Federation of Australian Science and Technological Societies will tell politicians that the campaign being run against scientific evidence of man-made climate change ”is undermining the national building work of all scientists”. “The valuable and credible work of all scientists is under attack as a result of a noisy misinformation campaign by climate denialists. It’s in the nation’s interests that our political leaders now lead the community forward on this critical issue,” the federation’s chief executive officer, Anna-Maria Arabia, said.

Actually, the valuable and credible work of all scientists is being undermined by the short-bus global warming field.

Alarmist Mark Lynas stepped into the IPCC credibility fallout and became instantly radioactive to fellow alarmists because he dared to suggest the IPCC might be in the wrong.

The UN and geo-engineering.  What could possibly go wrong?  Even other greens are nervous about what the IPCC could do with giant mirrors in space:

The potential for accidents, dangerous experiments, inadequate risk assessment, unexpected impacts, unilateralism, private profiteering, disruption of agriculture, inter-state conflict, illegitimate political goals and negative consequences for the global South is high. The likelihood that geoengineering will provide a safe, lasting, democratic and peaceful solution to the climate crisis is non-existent.

It sounds bad when they put it like that.

Al Gore wrote a column for Rolling Stone in which he goes on, at length, about all the reasons he’s made of fail. For good measure, he also gave an interview in which he suggests women should breed less.  His fifth chakra was unavailable for comment.

Global warming muppet Jim Hanson earned $1.2 million in the last 4 years.  The American Tradition Institute is asking NASA how that’s possible without ‘Death Trains’ Jim using his public position for gain.  NASA in turn adopted the UVA ‘nothing to see here, get lost’ doctrine.

Greenpeace hates Barbie. No, really.

For years, hippies have been trying to feed the world a sh*t sandwich, and now they can:

Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a way to make meat substitute out of “sewage mud,” which is exactly what it sounds like. He extracts (bacterial) protein from what is essentially a soup of human feces, then blends it with soy protein and steak sauce to form a sort of poop patty

There’s video at the link, but remember, some things cannot be unseen.

Weepy Bill McKibben’s 350.org, explained.

An open letter to the green movement, with revealing facts:

…appreciate how powerful you could be from pooling your efforts. In the UK, you employ thousands of staff, spend over £100m annually, and have millions of members. You speak for people from all walks of life, and all political persuasions. Globally, you can multiply those numbers by a factor of 10, and probably much more.

Is £100 million more or less than Big Oil spends funding ‘deniers’?

Global warming is a consciousness thing.  Either that or Duane Elgin spent a little too much time hugging the bong:

…what is required is a shift from an “embedded consciousness” that is locked inside the habits of our thinking mind to a more spacious “reflective consciousness” that enables us to become a fair witness or objective observer of our lives. This does not mean we stop thinking; instead, we stand back and, without judgment, simply watch what we are thinking and how we are relating to both the world and ourselves.

Duuuuuude, whaa?

Greenpeace protestors are on trial in Denmark for upsetting the Queen. A little pillaging of the Greenpeace offices might be in order, vikings.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Global climate conferences are way less fun than they used to be.  With the world’s economy in the tank, most nations are bailing out of Kyoto and have no appetite for more regulations.

Follow the money and see how Green NGO’s are funded by EU money.  Looks like it’s time to rename NGO’s to GoGO’s.

Shale gas, the energy source that will end renewables:

Solar panel prices are down about 10 percent this year, but chasing a moving target as discovery of cheap shale gas spreads beyond the United States, experts told Reuters energy and climate summit. Even big renewables investors, such as French energy company Total, see solar as a tiny part of the picture decades out, compared with gas. Total paid $1.4 billion for a majority stake in U.S.-based SunPower Corp.

Hippie favorite premium water brand Fiji might have fibbed about some of its eco claims. Less carbon-negative, more greenwash.

Green energy cannot promote prosperity. Awkward.

Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s future is bleak as another poll shows her on the way to electoral armageddon.

California is learning how much fun job creation is with restrictive, expensive green laws.  From afar.

at least it'll be good for emissions

In case the message still isn’t clear, going green costs jobs.

Texas saw the light and passed a law that allows Lone Star staters to keep on using incandescent light bulbs.  Can the rest of the nation be far behind?

SCOTUS popped hippie legal balloons and ruled that suing energy companies for their emissions is a nuisance.

NASA has been faking data to prop up the warming narrative, according to a whistle-blower.

Pop quiz.  Which of the following is the deadliest?

  • a) Fukushima nuclear disaster
  • b) the Gulf Oil spill
  • c) Organic veggies

IPCC Chief Raj Pachauri has a cause. A new global economic order.  What could possibly go wrong?

Poland saves Europe from itself. Coincidentally, Poland has reserves of shale gas.  See why the hippies are doing everything they can to demonize shale yet?


Part Four: Global Hottie

We haven’t featured the wondrous Charlize Theron for a while, but since the HOTW is a South African, we’ll segue some Charlize right quick.


Thanks for reading. The round up is taking a week off and will return July 7th.