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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Oct. 20th 2011

Greenpeace is back on the water in a new luxury yacht, Occupy Wall Street may be an environmental hazard and will we finally discover the President’s Angry Birds high score?

Part One: Hippie of the Week

This week’s winner of the coveted HOTW award is the first to snatch victory for not one, but two distinct acts of hippiedom. Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute has won for an article published in Forbes and for acting like a dolt on Amazon. Future contenders note, doubling down on stupid works.

Peter Gleik

First, the Forbes piece, which Gleick addresses to ‘the few’ climate deniers left:

OK, you have fought hard to deny or challenge the realities of climate change, perhaps because you are afraid of the policies that might have to be put in place; or are afraid of the possibilities of increased government intervention; or you don’t think it will be that bad; or you think it will be too expensive to do anything about; or you don’t understand the science; or you don’t trust scientists, including, by the way, every national academy of sciences and every professional scientific organization in the geosciences…

Gleick’s piece is mostly tongue-in-cheek about global warmingmaking chocolate extinct, or something, and Gleick loves him some candy. That and the CEO of the Pacific Institute hopes that scaring the sweet-toothed will help prop up the collapsing global warming industry.

Which is a nice segue to Glick’s other achievement, an ignorant review of Donna Laframboise’s expose of the IPCC. Gleick clearly didn’t read the book, but felt qualified to trash it anyway:

Are you already convinced that climate change is false? Then you don’t need this book, since there is nothing new in it for you. If you respect science, then you ALSO don’t need this book, since there’s no science in it, and lots of pseudo-science and misrepresentations of science. See, especially, the section trying to discredit the “hockey stick” — long a bugaboo of the anti-climate change crowd. Seven independent scientific commissions and studies have separately verified it, but you won’t find out about that in this book.

Other reviewers note that you will find science in it, and lots of references to back up claims that the IPCC is hopelessly inept and corrupt.

Gleick must be surprised to see people push back on his nasty review, after all, that kind of thing never happens in the echo chamber of the global warming elite. The usual warmist MO is: 1)state your firm belief, 2) sneer and discredit opposing views,  3) profit.

Gleick didn’t need to read Laframboise’s work because he already had his mind made up. Just like he does with the science. Because the science is settled, and SHUT UP.

Part Two: Warmists & Alarmists

America’s green energy programs are collapsing at an astonishing rate, given that the present Administration is the smartest ever. But no matter how bad it was for Obama that Solyndra failed at a cost of half a billion dollars to taxpayers, it’s nothing compared to the cover-up. The White House has refused to hand over the Presidential Blackberry to see who knew what, when and how the President scores on Angry Birds.

The smell of a solar boondoggle cover-up is not helped by the discovery by CNBC that the Energy Dept. has revised old press releases to hide another billion-dollar loan to a shaky solar business. Here’s a quick reminder of how the system works for readers looking to clamber aboard the green gravy train.

In related events, it looks like the White House’s science adviser participated in a secret communication channel to the IPCC designed to avoid America FOIA laws:

The new IPCC system sought to shield U. S. government employees working on the Fifth Assessment Report from FOIA requests by hiding their correspondence, even though they are being tasked and paid by the federal government to work on the report.  The scandal-plagued IPCC is funded with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  CEI demonstrates in its FOIA request that the IPCC’s motivation to avoid future FOIA requests was past embarrassment over releases of earlier communications between IPCC officials and participating bureaucrats, appointees and scientists working on the assessment reports.

Australian climate workers are getting the hang of how to have fun and profit from global warming. The head of CSIRO, the body that spends a lot of time analyzing climate data and issuing scary press releases, is also a director of a carbon sequestration business. Hippies point at any climate skeptic who so much as accepted a free mug from a gas station as proof that they are in the pocket of Big Oil, but there’s nothing to see here, move along.

Good news, the Durban climate conference, COP17, has an official airline. Wait, what?

A youth climate activist encourages his friends to get to the nearest Occupy Something protest near them. Just don’t take anything valuable, and young female activists may want to pack Mace. And Purell.

The daft ecocide movement still exists, looking to make everything a crime against Gaia.

Greenpeace’s brand new luxury yacht has set sail, looking for cause. Filipino reefs are nervous, and somewhere in a dark underground bunker in Paris, plans are afoot. Probably.

french commandos not pictured

The New York Times agonized over the question where did global warming go? Not literally, because there’s been precious little warming for about a decade and a half. The NYT means where did the feel-good issue of saving the planet go. Luboš Motl has a handy clue-bat to help out the Gray Lady:

There’s pretty much a consensus across the [Czech] political spectrum – and especially in the public – that global warming alarmism is a fashionable disease that plagues the brains of pampered and brainwashed people in the West who are either champions of a statist political ideology or their own profits, or those who want to be “hip”, who are naive and detached from reality, and who don’t understand how it easy it is to hijack a part of the scientific institutions and turn them into tools of shameless and cynical political propaganda.

Worse news for the NYT, the lack of coverage may be the fault of alarmists:

Some in the media have tried to make global warming more topical by linking recent catastrophic disasters (such as floods and wildfires) to climate change. The challenge they face here may lie in doing so without editors’ and the public’s concluding that too is “old news.”

NASA is on Twitter:

Because actual space exploration is for the Russians and Chinese.

Sea levels are not rising, but the folks in charge of the data don’t want you to notice.

Global warmists often hold Malthusian views that the globe is overpopulated. The UK has both bases covered – save the planet, kill a senior.

Ecosalon has a list of the Top Ten global warming deniers. I’m not saying that warmists are getting desperate, but Michael Crichton has been dead for three years and still comes in at Number 6. What, the Koch Brothers were unavailable for the list?

Chris Mooney of the hyper-partisan DeSmogBlog notes that Climategate was largely responsible for slowing the global warming agenda. But not because of the corruption and poor scientific process it revealed, but because pesky conservatives had the temerity to use it:

…you need to understand a psychological process sometimes called “seizing and freezing.” Conservatives, who were losing the climate issue before “ClimateGate,” needed something—anything—to show them they weren’t all wrong about it, and that the fight wasn’t over. “ClimateGate” thus furnished the perfect rallying cry. Conservatives seized on the idea that this scandal proved, once and for all, that climate science was bunk—and they froze on this notion. Now, as a consequence, all you hear in Congress is about ClimateGate, and it is used as an excuse for complete dismissal of modern climate science knowledge, as well as the need for urgent action.

Kinda how Mooney seized on the notion that a trace gas essential to life on Earth was a great trojan horse for a socialist future and froze to the idea we wouldn’t figure out he’s a complete idiot. Or something.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Tesla, the electric luxury vehicle maker, is not far from being the Solyndra of the EV sector:

Others have called the Tesla deal a form of “corporate welfare” for the president’s friends. There have been complaints from alternative energy companies that the ATVM loans were awarded because of political connections. DOE defends the Tesla loan, telling PJMedia it was sound and neutrally approved by its financial analysts. However, the DOE spokesman also acknowledged not knowing of the company’s plan for a $200 million NASDAQ IPO when it awarded the firm the loan. Nor did the spokesman say DOE knew Toyota was to become its partner in the plant when DOE issued the loan.

There is a general question of competence regarding the DOE loan staff’s ability to examine the 130 loan applications they received from high-tech firms.

Your snorffle of the week: Occupy Wall Street has been reported to the EPA as a environmental violation.

The EPA suffered the dismissal of a lawsuit against an Indiana coal plant it claimed had operated without permits.

UK citizens are turning to credit and savings to pay for energy this winter, as the cost of going green keeps rising.

Wal-Mart ditches the greenwash and rolls in the green.

The EU has given up on global warming, blaming the ‘other 89%’ for the failure. Maybe the EU should occupy something in protest. Poland’s always been handy for stuff like that.

More on the collapse of Kyoto II from Germany:

“Scientists are more and more convinced of their results, but citizens are becoming increasingly saturated,” says climatologist Hans von Storch, director of the Institute for Coastal Research in Geesthacht near Hamburg. According to Storch, public concern over climate change has declined for the fourth year in a row. He also sees the apathy as a consequence of the increasingly shrill, alarmist tones with which environmentalists and even a few scientists have attracted attention to themselves in recent years.

Oh noes, the warmists were right – Gaia is getting hotter and glaciers are melting. Oh, wait, that was in 1906. The article didn’t link melting glaciers with the San Francisco earthquake because they hadn’t invented Al Gore yet.

San Francisco 1906

Sea levels are not rising, and experts are upset with climate modellers claming otherwise:

Computer modelling by persons not having visited the sites in question is not good enough.

In the year 2000 we started an international sea level project in the Maldives where several distinguished experts took part,” he said, and he had been on six of those expeditions. “There is no ongoing rise in the sea level at all and since 1970, it fell by about 20 cm and has remained quite stable for the last 30 to 40 years.”

It’s the circle of life: global warming causes pine beetle outbreaks, which in turn cool the planet, saving it from future pine beetle outbreaks. It’s as if Gaia doesn’t need to be saved by hippies.

Moonbat power gets a cluebat, courtesy of a rare bat. It’s bat-tastic!

Green jobs may or may not be real, but some actual jobs may soon leave the UK as green policies push up manufacturing costs.

Oh aerosols, looks like the ozone hole has always been there.

The media is greenwashing eco-scandals. Or not. ABS does both, inside a week.

Global warming is causing animals to shrink. Add it to The List.

Britain gives up on carbon capture, much to the relief of plantlife across the nation.


Part Four: Global Hottie

A reader noted that it’s been nearly three years since Kirsten Dunst graced a round-up, a shocking revelation. Dunst will always be welcome here, because she notably upset the French. That and she’s, well, a hottie.


Thanks for reading.