Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 8th 2012

Your web searches are increasingly powered by wind turbines. Which gives concerned parents a new angle on an old problem. Kids, every time you search for young ladies who can’t afford clothes, an eagle dies.

Et tu, Gray Lady? The New York Times finds something to like about global warming. Wait, what?

More Google – they’re busy inventing Reefview.

Australian scientists mapping the Great Barrier Reef will broadcast their findings in partnership with Google, emulating its “Street View” to spotlight the impact of climate change.

Dissolving Nemo, or Spongebob Nopants? Ocean acidification rate is unprecedented, because you’re not buying global warming so maybe this scary-sounding stuff will convince you instead:

The oceans act like a sponge to draw down excess carbon dioxide from the air; the gas reacts with seawater to form carbonic acid, which over time is neutralized by fossil carbonate shells on the seafloor. But if CO2 goes into the oceans too quickly, it can deplete the carbonate ions that corals, mollusks and some plankton need for reef and shell-building.

The EU is facing an all-out trade war over efforts to carbon-tax airlines using its airspace, but Germany blinked first.

Eating out in Oz isn’t what it used to be:

That’s right — this pop-up restaurant, which is open from March 2 through the 21st in honor of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, wants you to get all up in its custom-made toilets. The green eatery is collecting human urine and using it to fertilize soybean and canola crops. The restaurant, which is designed by Joost Bakker who is clearly a maniac, then uses unrefined canola oil to generate electricity for all of its operations.

The idea may have been inspired by President Obama’s advice to Republicans that it was time to eat your peas, but if so, something was lost in the translation to strine.

soup of the day, anyone?

America suffered a bad week for tornadoes, but as it worked to clear up the mess, Kevin Trenberth rushed to blame global warming. Because crisis. Waste. Never.

A Kennedy used Twitter to call Sen. Inhofe some names that would have brought howls of protest if anyone on the right had done the same. The good news is that in the modern world, Kennedy’s use Twitter to get themselves into trouble, not bridges and young female campaign workers.

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