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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 8th 2012

The Hippie of the Week suffered a temporary case of multiple personality disorder, a Kennedy proves technology saves lives and we don’t recommend the soup down under. No, really.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

This week’s Hippie of the Week comes to you by a tip from Anthony Watts, skeptic godfather and man behind the most-read climate site in the world, after some odd behavior in the comments on this post. While hippies might see this as evidence of collusion between evil skeptics, it’s really not. Anthony simply suggested I use his recommendation, or something bad would happen to my racehorse. I don’t own any sort of horse, but when faced with an offer you can’t refuse, why look a gift hippie in the mouth?

The HOTW winner this week is Malte Humpert, Founder of the Arctic Institute. Malte disagreed with things being said about the Arctic Institute on WUWT, but felt it necessary to create sock-puppet identities to defend his case. He got caught, and made a statement on the Arctic Institute’s web page:

Updated March 10

The quote by Malte Humpert and his picture have been removed following a copyright claim by Humpert and/or the Arctic Institute.

To comply with a copyright claim by Malte Humpert, the image that was here has been replaced with this picture of a friendly donkey. Because who would complain about a pic of a nice ass?

What Humpert did at WUWT wasn’t as egregious as Peter Gleick’s illegal phishing of the Heartland Institute, but it indicates a disturbing lack of professionalism. Hippies with strong feelings about geographic areas of Gaia like the Arctic and Pacific would do better to check themselves into Institutions instead of running around founding Institutes.

Unfortunately for Malte Humpert, the efforts to disguise his personal identity at WUIWT only led to a closer look at the Arctic Institute. It turns out not to be an ivory tower filled with learned men with frostbite stories and a penchant for polar bear jerky, but Humpert’s apartment in Washington DC. Oddly, the building has a history of harboring pesky critters:

[REDACTED*] House has bed bugs. I do not think that all of the apartments are infested – but mine is! I have been covered in bites and am miserable.

Note, this is an anonymous report to bedbugregistry.com for the same address, not a report from Humpert. Probably.

Congratulations to Malte Humpert for the big HOTW win, and for being the latest victim of boomerang activism. That’s when whatever you throw comes full circle and smacks you in the back of the head when you’re not expecting it, in case you wondered.

*I’ve got the link, but there’s no reason to publish Humpert’s address.

Part Two: Warmists

Stop the world, Joe wants to get off. The Rommulan suggests we need a ‘massive and rapid deployment of zero-carbon power. It’s a nice idea, but you’ll have to make do with a massive and rapid deployment of hysteria instead:

If you want to have a serious chance at averting catastrophic global warming, then we need to start phasing out all fossil fuels as soon as possible.  Natural gas isn’t a bridge fuel from a climate perspective.  Carbon-free power is the bridge fuel until we can figure out how to go carbon negative on a large scale by the end of the century.

Unicorn futures are up.

Your web searches are increasingly powered by wind turbines. Which gives concerned parents a new angle on an old problem. Kids, every time you search for young ladies who can’t afford clothes, an eagle dies.

Et tu, Gray Lady? The New York Times finds something to like about global warming. Wait, what?

More Google – they’re busy inventing Reefview.

Australian scientists mapping the Great Barrier Reef will broadcast their findings in partnership with Google, emulating its “Street View” to spotlight the impact of climate change.

Dissolving Nemo, or Spongebob Nopants? Ocean acidification rate is unprecedented, because you’re not buying global warming so maybe this scary-sounding stuff will convince you instead:

The oceans act like a sponge to draw down excess carbon dioxide from the air; the gas reacts with seawater to form carbonic acid, which over time is neutralized by fossil carbonate shells on the seafloor. But if CO2 goes into the oceans too quickly, it can deplete the carbonate ions that corals, mollusks and some plankton need for reef and shell-building.

The EU is facing an all-out trade war over efforts to carbon-tax airlines using its airspace, but Germany blinked first.

Eating out in Oz isn’t what it used to be:

That’s right — this pop-up restaurant, which is open from March 2 through the 21st in honor of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, wants you to get all up in its custom-made toilets. The green eatery is collecting human urine and using it to fertilize soybean and canola crops. The restaurant, which is designed by Joost Bakker who is clearly a maniac, then uses unrefined canola oil to generate electricity for all of its operations.

The idea may have been inspired by President Obama’s advice to Republicans that it was time to eat your peas, but if so, something was lost in the translation to strine.

soup of the day, anyone?

America suffered a bad week for tornadoes, but as it worked to clear up the mess, Kevin Trenberth rushed to blame global warming. Because crisis. Waste. Never.

A Kennedy used Twitter to call Sen. Inhofe some names that would have brought howls of protest if anyone on the right had done the same. The good news is that in the modern world, Kennedy’s use Twitter to get themselves into trouble, not bridges and young female campaign workers.

Hey teachers, leave those kids alone.

Mauritius is to celebrate Earth Hour, but seems unclear on the concept.

Why does the Department of Energy need assault weapons and grenades? Okay, we understand the EPA is pushing serious mission creep, but this could completely redefine interdepartmental battles.

California shore birds are threatened by rising sea levels. If only they had wings.

Kiribati is negotiating to buy some land in Fiji, so that when Kiribati eventually disappears under the ocean it can live on a new threatened island. Darwin wept.

She’s back. A sure sign of a new la Laframboise post is when a picture of Raj Pachauri face down in a gutter with a bootprint on his back appears in my feed reader. This week we learn the hapless, hounded head of the IPCC has a dodgy history:

The most explosive revelation involves a 1996 Delhi High Court ruling in which a judge said he had “no hesitation in coming to the conclusion” that Pachauri and two others had “sworn to false affidavits.” The judge went on to remark that the business affairs of the non-profit convention center at the heart of the lawsuit were “not safe in the hands of officers” such as Pachauri (the judge’s ruling is backed up here).

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Gaia is getting a solar flare tan today, but overall the Sun has pretty much kept its hat on this cycle.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says wind farms have been wasteful of public money. Which prompts the question why he allowed Chris Huhne to build so many. The GWPF figures wind has added £45 billion to the cost of meeting the UK’s climate targets.

BRITAIN could meet its climate change targets in 2020 for £45 billion less if it abandoned wind power in favour of cheaper gas-fired power plants and nuclear reactors, an independent report has found. The saving would rise to £150 billion by 2050 because of the huge costs associated with building and running the proposed 32,000 wind turbines.

The Spectator has the best article on the daft idea of wind power, it’s long but worth the read.

La Nina isn’t going away, which might make things chilly for a while longer.

March is Earth Hour month, which naturally brings the almost Newtonian response: ‘Carbon Belch Day‘. CO2 is innocent, free it. Or something.

Parts of Australia that were warned to expect permanent drought are awash this week, and warmists are spinning faster than bird shredders in a gale to explain away their incorrect forecasts. But neither Andrew Bolt or the Internet ever forgets, the memory hole isn’t what it used to be.

Good news for the spotted owl, the Obama administration is taking action to save it. By shooting barred owls. Wait, what?

why me?

Any computer model can suffer Garbage-In, Garbage-Out errors, but it’s particularly embarrassing when the model is supposed to predict when actual garbage will show up.

Go green, kill a senior:

…rising fuel prices can in no small part be attributed to the environmental mania which is at the heart of the movement. It isn’t oil and gas companies that are killing the elderly with high fuel prices, it’s carbon mania and environmentalism.

Oh noes. Don’t blame micro-funded think tanks for the public’s refusal to buy into the global warming narrative, it’s the fault of those Big Green funders:

Environmental funders spent a whopping $10 billion between 2000 and 2009 but achieved relatively little because they failed to underwrite grassroots groups that are essential for any large-scale change, the report says.

NASA says the environmental impact of Keystone XL would be about the same as that of a large power station. James Hansen hardest hit.

Global warming is a forgotten topic in the halls of European politics.

Delingpole notices that skeptics are winning:

Something extraordinary is happening in the great Climate Wars. I had a taste of it just the other day on an LBC talk show. The producer had only booked me in for a ten-minute slot, in case the listeners weren’t interested in my boring new book about that tediously hackneyed subject Man Made Global Warming. But the switchboards were jammed and the station ended up keeping me in for a full hour to reply to all the calls.

There was one big problem though: “We can hardly find ANYONE who disagrees with you,” whispered the show’s host, Julia Hartley-Brewer. This was true. By the end, things had got so desperate that I found myself accidentally picking fights with callers who were on my side.

Part Four: Global Hottie

While Scarlett Johnasson hasn’t yet slapped a restraining order on the round-up, we’re not taking any chances. So this week, we hop over the pond to see what Britain has to offer. And we found English actress and undercover hottie, Emily Mortimer. Star of Hugo and many other movies that are probably good but we haven’t seen. Emily Mortimer, who knew?


Thanks for reading.