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Polar bears to die from harmless trace gas and hail of hot lead, but mostly hail of hot lead

Richard Branson and Bo Derek have teamed up to save Canada’s polar bears from global warming:

Beauty Bo Derek and billionaire Richard Branson have joined forces to save Canada’s polar bear population from extinction. But the job won’t get done unless individuals harness their power to bring about change, according to actress Derek. …”Right now there’s such a debate on climate change — who is responsible, the science of it. There’s a lot of work to be done and I realize that. But in the meantime we must save polar bears and sharks,” Derek said.

If Bo really wanted to save polar bears, she’d quit worrying about a harmless trace gas and concentrate her efforts on pesky Chinese hunters:
CHINA’S thrill-seeking nouveau riche are being offered a $75,000 trip hunting down endangered polar bears. The hefty price tag for the 10-day expedition across the polar ice pack in Canada includes the services of a taxidermist, who turns the trophy specimens into rugs for the hunters’ living rooms.
Harking back to an era when the immediate response to a sighting of an endangered species was to bag it for posterity before heading back to the tent for a gin & tonic and damned good mustache waxing, the owner of the Beijing-based I Love Hunting Club said:
“If you believe the ice caps are melting as some claim, these bears are going to die anyway, so you may as well hunt them.”

Global warming probably isn’t much of a problem for Ursus Maritimus, but the incoming hail of Chinese lead is going to leave a mark.