What Happens When You Buying followers on Instagram


Many online marketers are duped into believing the Instagram fake follower industry is legitimate, and that buying those followers will get them more opportunities. With any luck, it’ll also attract the attention of bigger brands. The truth isn’t quite as enticing: these fake followers misrepresent what a natural following would look like, which devalues your brand and contributes to lost profits.

Despite the simplicity and low cost of purchasing Instagram followers, they’re not free or risk-free. Your actual קניית עוקבים באינסטגרם can see you buying them and your business will suffer as a result. If you’re trying to become popular on Instagram or grow your business, spending money on followers won’t help.

Let’s first talk about the benefits of buying Instagram followers. It won’t help you grow your audience or authority, but it will give you a boost in engagement with no real impact on growth. We’ll show you how to get more organic followers using tried-and-true tactics so that unlike other companies, your company’s future is in your own hands!

Or you can watch the video of our most recent experiment where we tried to buy the most expensive followers we could.

How to buy Instagram followers

Even if you don’t have anything to hide, there are better ways to spend your hard-earned money than buying Instagram followers. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to buy Instagram followers – and then let’s find out why you shouldn’t spend your time or money on them.

  1. Choose your provider

There are a lot of options when you search for buying Instagram followers. Google “buy Instagram followers” and you’ll find lots of businesses with questionable ethics.

Instagram shut down its public API when they released their new updates in 2018. That meant third-party apps could no longer post on Instagram anymore.

The Instagram algorithm drastically changed after the scary days of the Instagram follower purge. Social media managers, marketers, and their clients noticed huge social media impacts as bots disappeared and businesses such as celebrities lost revenue for a time. When things settled down, many noticed a few changes tohow third-party services gather followers: they stopped requiring your login credentials, and emphasized that all followers were real and authentic, not bot accounts.

You should always be careful when giving out your personal information. You shouldn’t blindly trust any retailer that you find online.

  1. Pick your plan

As you explore the fake follower frontier, what options are available to you? Keeping an eye out for spammy practices can help you avoid purchasing followers that won’t benefit your business. There are a few companies who offer a choice between your regular and “premium” followers, with others offering “managed growth.” All of these plans rely on the use of click farms, which exploit poorly-paid laborers who are often working in sweatshop-like conditions. That’s just one more reason to stay away from them.

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There are a few ways to tell that a negative Instagram account isn’t real. The first is that they don’t have profile pictures or posts in their feed, but they exist. These fake accounts tend to get deleted by Instagram quite quickly — unless they’re plentiful. With these cheap and obvious fakes, it’s easy to spot them and report them in order to remove them yourself.

Premium or active followers

Next you have premium followers who, on the surface at least, look like real people and engage with your content. Some brands will promise that they are “100% real followers,” but we advise taking these claims with a rather large grain of salt. They’re not going to engage with your content any more than basic followers do, and they won’t provide any value to your follower count.

Managed growth

Finally, we offer our “Managed Growth Service.” This is the most expensive fake follower service, which may be offered as a one-time fee or an ongoing monthly subscription. With Managed Growth Services, you’ll essentially have someone doing all your engagement work on Instagram for you.

Managed growth services require you to hand over your account details and provide detailed information to an “agent.” They’ll do the actual liking, following and commenting on your behalf. In theory, this will result in more followers. However, it’s just a more expensive way to clog up your feed with meaningless likes, followings and comments.

  1. Choose your number of followers

If you’re still interested, let’s add this to your cart.

Buying a large amount of followers for Instagram is risky. Buying 5,000 or 10,000 overnight followers at once means you’ve likely committed some sort of malicious act with regards to your account. Depending on the timeline, this could lead to a suspension, as well as a lost opportunity to reach more people.

Not all companies offer instant or gradual delivery options, but most do. A more gradual delivery is less suspicious, theoretically. However, the ratio of fakes to real followers can matter. Think carefully before making a big purchase for that many followers.

  1. Throw in some likes or views

Many of these companies believe that the customer is always right and pride themselves on offering one-stop shopping for any sort of shady or shady behavior. As a result, you can also purchase likes on your posts or views on your Instagram Stories.

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For social networks, adding fake engagement can be an easy way to increase your reach and add a veneer of legitimacy. However, it’s likely to result in followers who aren’t at all interested in your content.

  1. Take the plunge

You’re ready to checkout at an online retailer. But before you do, don’t forget to ask yourself whether this is the company you want to trust with your information.

Some companies might prompt you to create an account, or they might skip right to the good stuff: payment info. However, if you don’t want to provide your credit card information, you can pay with PayPal or cryptocurrency.

By making you an affiliate, we’re able to help your Instagram account grow in a way that is best for the both of us. But don’t worry! You’ll never be asked to give up your Instagram password.

  1. Bide your time

Social media influencers often pitch these promises of social media overnight followers, but it’s up to you to do the legwork.

Growth services can work, but they come with price tags of various sizes. Which size will you choose? If you’re feeling inclined to buy a big growth service that promises to grow your account gradually, it might take longer for you realize that was a waste of money.

Where to buy Instagram followers

There are a lot of companies that sell Instagram followers, so it can be hard to know where to start. While we do your research for you, take a look at these curated list of the best options.

It’s no secret that people will inflate their prices when they know consumers have a hard time distinguishing between companies. That’s why each retailer has very similar layouts and language, which makes it almost impossible to tell them apart from one another. Luckily, we’ve done extensive research into these shady retailers and are here to help you make the right decision for your budget.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following quickly and want to get likes, shares, and views automatically, Buzzoid is a great place to visit. You can get fast delivery on followers and likes for your content as soon as payment is received. Not only that, but they also offer an automatic “auto like” subscription service where you can get likes from real users on every new post for just $16/mo.

Twicsy promises real followers, real accounts, and quick delivery. Though they don’t offer managed growth, they’ll sell you “real” or “premium” followers with a choice of Trustpilot ratings. There are many reviews from users complaining about overcharging, zero customer support, poor results, and getting banned from Instagram. One review is a modern-day retelling of the fable of King Midas; instead of a golden touch, you are burdened with too many fake followers.


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