​National Day For WILDLIFE – September 4, 2019


National Wildlife day encourages improved awareness of the species around us and in the broader world. The motive of this day is to encourage preservation and conservation efforts for endangered species around the world. Zoos, aviaries, and marine sanctuaries play a vital role in this. Preservation of wildlife doesn’t mean only those animals which live in the forest. It means to create preservation and conversation steps for all the creatures which live on the ground, the water bodies or sky above us.

Wildlife relies completely on its habitat for their food and shelter. Thus conserving their habitat directly or indirectly preserves them. We should develop different strategies. This will help us to maintain existing habitat.

This will also help us to repair or replace those habitats which have been destroyed. These strategies help a lot when a decline in any species is detected. Many such agendas have been created earlier. The International Whale Shark Day created awareness for the conservation of the world’s largest fish. On National Wildlife Day, seminars and educational programs will be conducted around the world. Various podcast and documents alert us about the conditions of various species.


We can also put our efforts on this day. We can participate in presentation spreading awareness for the protection of endangered species. We can throw light on the disadvantages we will face if species keep on declining.

We can create volunteer programs to fundraise for rehabilitation services. We can also implement our own ideas to make a change. Social media can be used to spread awareness. Using #NationalWildlifeDay with photos of neighborhood wildlife or other wildlife on your post can spread awareness on social media. We, humans, have the most mature brains.

We need to take steps to save wildlife. They are a part of our environment. Each and every specie is vital for us.


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