10 Best Advertising Ideas to Grow Your Small Business


Small businesses have to struggle a lot to be in the race. They have to search market trends, have to be perfect and very careful while choosing sale channels. How perfect your product is, no one will be able to know if you don’t advertise it effectively. 

Advertising your product is an important step to establish your brand and generate sales leads for your small business. We have described the 10 best free advertising ideas that work great for a small business to grow. 

1. Incorporate animation in your advertising strategy 

An animated video is a very interesting and unique idea to incorporate into the advertising strategies of a small business. Research has shown that animations are more understandable and remembered for a long time as compared to other videos.

Instead of emptying wallets to any animator, a small businessman can create animation by himself with the help of an efficient Animation Maker like Doratoon

Features of Doratoon 

Doratoon provides the following features to the small businessman to create a high impacted animation: 

  • Ready-made templates 

You will find many unique templates regarding marketing and advertising the business. All you need is just select a template and edit it according to your choice.

  • Editing tools 

It provides many advanced editing tools through which you can customize your animation easily. You can go with AI Dubbing, subtitling, and many more

  • User-friendly interface 

Doratoon provides a very user-friendly interface and anyone can create a high-level video without special knowledge and previous experience. 

Check this content to know more about animation makers if you are new to animation. 

2. Create a website 

If you have not created your business website yet, it is recommended to create it now. You can create a free website without having any development knowledge and skills. By creating your website, you will help the customers to find you easily by using any search engine like Google.

You have to design your website in such a way that it describes all about your business and lets the customers buy your product or service easily. You should do a keyword search to add to your website. You can also design your website by using different animations. 

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3. Create helpful videos 

Video is a very popular way to communicate with customers. Some people think that it costs a lot to get a professional video producer and uploader but you don’t have to hire any professional. You can create your marketing video easily by using different platforms.

There are a lot of online available video makers and editors. For instance, you can go with SOOMUS, it is an efficient video recorder that will not only let you record yourself but also enable you to customize and personalize your background according to your choice. 

4. Email marketing 

Email marketing is a unique idea to gain the attention of new visitors to your business and it also helps you to improve your relationships with your existing customers. You can start an email newsletter of your business.

When you are incorporating email marketing into your advertising strategy then you should be careful about the design and creativity of your email. You can use animations in your emails to make them more attractive and eye-catching. 

5. Google business account 

It is one of the best creative marketing ideas, especially if you are running a local business. By creating your business profile on Google you will be able to show your business on the Google map at the local section of Google search.

If you have already created your business account on Google then make sure that it is upgraded and completely optimized as whenever someone searches for your business this is the first thing that will be on screen. 

6. Tell your success story 

Storytelling is among the best promotion ideas to engage a lot of audiences. By using your brand story you can communicate with the target audience effectively. Many people found these types of videos inspiring and shared them with their friends and family.

It has been observed that brands that come with a great story describing how they came to the market are more memorable and have long-lasting impressions on people’s minds. Doratoon provides many ready-made templates that will help you to create your success story. 

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7. Blogging

It is an interesting idea to start blogging where you can share relevant content constantly and will have a significant impact on your website appearance in search results. If this is done with care it is a very effective tactic as it also doesn’t require a huge budget.

If you are continuously sharing content on your website then it will be high up and most customers will be able to find you. A good blog will help you to educate your customers about your product in a very simple and effective manner. 

8. Join social media platforms

Social media engagement is increasing day by day and it is a free way to grow your small business easily and build the trust of your audience. It is recommended to create business accounts on popular social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

After joining you will be able to add announcements or helping videos on your business accounts, it will be a great way to drive traffic to your website. You can also create polls and can get feedback from your customers. 

9. Create infographics 

Infographics are very powerful advertising tools as they are very eye-catching, easy to digest and anyone can easily share them on different platforms. By using data-rich infographics you can easily drive traffic and links.

There is no need to hire a designer to make infographics for you. You can also make your infographic video by using free tools like Doratoon. Doratoon provides all the essential elements and editing tools that will help you to create a masterpiece without putting in much effort. 

10. Business Rewards

You have to consider a few ways to reward your customers’ loyalty, especially for the positive reviews. By using these promotion ideas you can build trustable relationships with your customers and new customers will also want to join you. 

You can host a contest or giveaway on social media platforms in which you will give free products to the people. It is a good idea to grab the attention of a lot of audiences easily. 

Ending Remarks

Small businesses have to work hard to be in the race of the digital advertising world. We have described the 10 best advertising ideas that will surely help small businessmen grow their business. Doratoon is an efficient tool that can be used in different advertising videos as described in the above article. 


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