10 Facts About Credit Report API


Credit report API is a format that allows you to view your credit score very quickly on a unified document. It is one of the most preferred ways for businesses to receive bulk requests on credit reporting and gather credit reports from the big three credit repository bureaus.What other exciting things should you know about credit report API? Keep reading to find out!

1.   It Prevents Fraud 

A credit report API really helps if you want to prevent claims of fraud on your business. Through obtaining information from various data repositories and creating a very strong credit report for your business, the API format allows you to stay safe from all kinds of misintended claims that may target your venture. 

2.   It Can Be Used In Auditing    

If you want to get your business audited or if you want to hold a general screening of your accounts, the versatility of a credit report API allows you to do so smoothly. This credit score is popularly used in the auditing industry and can help assort different kinds of accounts without costing too much. 

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It is automated 

A credit report API is an automated way of gaining access to your credit reports. It brings together several sources, from public data to market records, and gives you a document with detailed comparisons, providing you with a way to go forward with your business. 

3.   It Uses The HTTP Mode For Communication 

Credit report API functions through either PDFs or HTML formats. The best way to ensure that these formats remain secure is by channeling all communication through HTTP services. The HTTP mode makes it safe to use your credit report API across all mediums. 

4.   The Reports Can Contain Criminal Records 

Since the credit report API is such a vast-ranging document, you can also find criminal records and eviction searches in it. This allows you to screen your employees and business partners thoroughly. It also allows you to have a holistic framework to work with when operating a business. 

5.   It Is Highly Customizable 

The Credit Report API is highly customizable. This document typically caters to the specific needs of your individual business. In fact, the company making your credit report API can base it entirely on what you want to do. It is highly client-oriented.

6.   It Can List Social Security Verifications 

As stated earlier, the credit report API is an incredibly diverse document that can hold vast amounts of information, including public records. Thus, it can allow you to keep a check on the social security numbers of your employees and clients for the safety of your business

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7.   It Has Over 30 Different Templates 

You can forget about the old ways of data compilation, in long ledgers and excel sheets. With the credit report API, you can customize the look of your data in the way most comfortable for you. With over 30 different grouping formats, you can look at your data in terms of graphs, charts, colors, and whatever else you may want. 

8.   It Has Easy Integration 

A credit report API has a very simple integration process. All you have to do is use the XML application to incorporate different features into your report. 

9.   It Can Be Used For All Kinds Of Purposes 

You can easily integrate your report on your phone. Also, you can also use it to provide proof of credit for things like house rentals, real estate, and property ownership. 


Credit report API is a very diverse document that you can use for almost all kinds of transactions. It is also very detailed so you can be sure that your data is safe and protected. In fact, it is one of the only documents that give you all-rounded data on all your financial matters.  



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