10 Surprising Items You Will Find in a UTV Store

UTV Store

A UTV is a utility vehicle used for recreation or work purposes. It has a low profile when parked, so it doesn’t look like an “off-roader,” and it is excellent since it has such large tires that can traverse through rugged terrain. In this article, we will take a look at the top things you can find in the UTV Store.

1. Mirrors

If you have a mirror on your UTV, you must look behind you before backing up. If the mirror does not allow for adequate rear vision, then it is likely time to replace it.

2. Replacement Seat

Every serious UTV enthusiast knows nothing more important than a good seat and comfortable ride, whether off-road or on the street, so don’t be afraid to purchase a new chair if your current one is worn out or uncomfortable.

3. Black Ice Tires

If the tires on your UTV have black ice, it is a sure sign that you must check under the vehicle for any foreign objects that may be embedded in them. The ice will quickly break into small pieces when exposed to air, thus making it look like “black ice.” This debris can easily cause damage to the tire and suspension system if not carefully inspected before driving off a parking lot or trail.

4. A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor is responsible for drawing the hot air from the cabin and dumping it outside, where it can quickly dissipate into a more relaxed atmosphere. If you leak into your A/C system, you may get a scorching ride until you find a shop to repair it.

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5. A/C Condenser

The A/C unit is only as good as the condenser. A corroded condenser can cause the compressor to fail when it attempts to cool the hot air from the cabin. If this occurs, it will flood your house with scorching air, potentially leading to a fire.

6. Intake Ducts

If you have any tears in your intake ducts, you need to inspect them for deterioration and repair them if necessary before starting your UTV. It is due to potential leaks that can end up putting harmful chemicals in your cabin while riding on the trail or street.

7. A Proper Thermostat

When changing the thermostat on your UTV, only change it if you also change your coolant. It is not only necessary that your thermostat is adjusted correctly, but it is also essential that you have the proper type of coolant compatible with your system and the service life of the thermostat. It is because different types of coolants are specifically made to work with specific vehicle systems, and this can cause detrimental results if mixed incorrectly.

8. UTV Batteries

If you have a UTV and it requires a battery, make sure it is in good operating condition. A dead battery can cause the vehicle not to operate correctly, or worse yet, not at all. If your UTV has a dead battery, take it to a dealer specializing in UTV batteries and have them fully charged, and test it before going on any outing.

9. Safety Harness

It is time to get one if you don’t have an extra safety harness hanging around your shop or garage. Whether you build it yourself or purchase one, it is best to have a safety harness for each passenger on the UTV in case of an accident.

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10. Cup Holder

In most cases, cup holders are standard with all UTVs, but if you don’t have one, it might be time to look into getting one. It will provide a place to put your beverage while riding and storage for any other items you may need easy access to during a ride.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let your UTV become a moving junkyard. Instead, make sure you keep it well maintained so it can hold up to your expectations during off-road or on-road excursions.



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