10 Useful Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity in College

College homework

Studies can get tough at times. Students in College often face abnormal stress and pressure because of numerous priorities. Attending your lectures, studying at the library for several hours, dealing with homework, preparing for exams and tests, and working part-time may be too much for a human being. Meanwhile, you might want to have some free time to unwind, take care of yourself, and have some fun with friends. Is that all doable? 

Luckily, with technology, you always have a way out. Technological innovation has been so quick in the past decades, transforming how we study and search for information, complete homework assignments, and communicate with supervisors and classmates. Tons of apps have emerged to simplify our everyday operations, so students can also benefit from the progress. 

One solution to the creative rut or chronic lack of time is to order essay paper from professionals. In this way, you ensure that your assignment is completed on time and in full compliance with your tutor’s requirements. However, if you wish to find some more sustainable solutions, here is a brief guide to helpful technology. By using these super-useful (and mostly free) apps, you’ll bring order to your life and studies, saving more time and staying more productive. 

Apps for Organizing Notes 

The most common activity among students is note-taking. You take notes at all lectures, workshops, and classes, and as a result, you end up with a pile of chaotic materials, unable to organize them for effective exam preparation. A solution to this problem is a variety of note organization apps designed to take the chaos out of student lives. 

The all-time favorite among students is Evernote. This app can run on a desktop device, Android, iOS, and even online in your browser. The best about Evernote is a comfortable, visually clear organization of your heterogeneous data. Here you can compile PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and text/audio/video materials. The only drawback of Evernote is its considerable price. Some students may find it too costly for their tight budgets. 

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Another alternative is OneNote. The app is free and supported by all existing platforms. Besides, your account can be accessed from unlimited devices, making the app one go-to point for note storage and organization. 

Notion is another top pick that modern students like so much. Its nested hierarchical organization will help you not lose your way, while flexibility in pagination and the ability to generate databases instead of simplistic tables extend your organizational potential. 

Money Management 

Chaos in your finance will never allow you to stay productive in college. Instead of focusing on your studies, you can end up making your ends meet, which is a direct path to failing grades. To avoid financial trouble, please use money management tips from experienced professionals and approach your finance seriously. Here are some apps to help you out. 

PocketGuard may be the solution that you’ll enjoy as a beginner. Nothing too complicated and no advanced calculations or record-keeping by categories. Only a simple budgeting app to keep your money under control and add transparency to your expenditures. 

If you already have loans and deal with a more complex expenditure structure, you may like the Mint app. It has many valuable budgeting features and provides smart credit monitoring functions. It’s vital to be cautious with borrowed money; otherwise, you can end up broke before even starting to earn real money

For those who live with a partner, the Honeydue app can be a real solution. It suits a couple’s budget perfectly by including the functions you’ll hardly find in an individual app. As you have shared money and some expenditure categories, organizing everything wisely can help avoid big trouble.


Whether they like it or not, students are urged to read dozens of pages a day. Hence, getting yourself a handy app for accessing the needed reading materials may be a great way to release the reading burden. The most recommended reading apps include Chegg and Amazon. Both provide unlimited reading functions and the convenience of on-the-go apps so that you can study at any moment you spare some free minutes. 

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Besides, there are useful exam prep apps that can help you College organize the test preparation process. There is no need to spend days and nights over books; with carefully organized notes and flashcards, you are sure to study better and more efficiently. 

Homework Completion of College

If you’re a student, you can’t do without homework. Tutors like to assign dozens of works every month, so you always find yourself amid a homework deadline crisis. A viable solution to this pressing problem is to keep your deadlines and home tasks organized with apps. 

One of the best products in this niche is myHomework Student Planner. It works on mobile devices and opens in a web browser, so you’ll have no problem accessing it from anywhere. This all-in-one app tracks your class progress, stores all homework deadlines, and even prioritizes tasks for you. 

Another app of this kind is Egenda. It also manages your study schedule and helps you filter homework assignments by date, class, or other criteria. In this way, you’ll never lose pending assignments out of sight. 

If you’re stuck with homework tasks and have no time to cover the entire course again, it may be a good idea to turn for academic help and set you free from strangulating deadlines. Experts will complete your task quickly and correctly, winning you a high grade. But keep in mind that it’s only a temporary solution. 

Ready, Steady, Go! for College

As you can see, organizing your study routine can be easier than it seems. Working on numerous tasks is always hard, and you can lose motivation while trying to accomplish everything at once for the sake of good performance. Yet, once you get all materials unified and managed appropriately, the workload is sure to get more manageable. 

Study the list of apps we have covered here, look for alternatives, and get the most of the technological progress for your productivity and school success.


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