11-bit Studios Frostpunk: Console Edition: Review and Details

11-bit Studios Frostpunk: Console Edition: Review and Details

11-bit Studios Frostpunk.

When 11 Bit Studios inaugurated Frostpunk on PC previous year it was a gem: a violent city-builder set in an apocalyptic alternate history where every intention had harrowing effects.

The game was a kind of spiritual successor to 11 Bit’s prior work, the dismal survival game This War of Mine, and Frostpunk substantiated to be a compelling mix of city micro-management braided with a bevy of difficult intentions.

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A year and a half later 11 Bit Studios has finally arrived the game to consoles, but did the game withstand the process? Happily, Frostpunk.

11-bit Studios Frostpunk: Console Edition: Review and Details
11-bit Studios Frostpunk: Console Edition: Review and Details

Console Edition is just as decent as its PC counterpart, with an instinctive UI that makes the game feel like it was always constructed with consoles in mind and mostly rock-solid achievement.

The last city on Earth.

For the not initiated, Frostpunk is set in an alternate past, taking spot around the industrial revolution. The Earth has been expended by a dramatic climate change, with the whole planet becoming a cold wasteland that would make Mars seem temperate.

Survivors from London have ventured out north to discover some sort of reprieve, and after finding an abandoned generator within a crater they agree to call it home.

You are the governor of this settlement, and you will be doing what the maximum city-builders task you with doing: harvest materials, establish various buildings, and try and conserve the city as best you can.

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The private sauce to Frostpunk’s recipe, however, is that it swivels all these usually benign tasks on their skull.

The climate of your city has to be precisely balanced – with every expiring day becoming colder and colder – to deter illness and death among the public.

Food is limited, resources are limited, and every day is a battle to withstand the harsh new planet.


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