13 Reasons Why Season 3: Why Hannah Baker’s Mother ‘Olivia Baker’ Is The Character With Most Potential Reason To Kill Bryce Walker


13 reasons why’s the third season is right around the corner and like everyone else even we can’t stop ourselves from speculating who exactly killed Bryce Walker.

Netflix came up with penultimate season three for 13 reasons why and has already announced that this season does not have any suicides.

The season airs on 23rd august but the audience has started making theories already and we are not at all complaining! After all, they waited almost an entire year for the season itself.

The trailer shows the death of Bryce walker who was portrayed as a rapist in the previous seasons. However, it takes a spooky when it shows Clay (Dylan Minnette), Justin (Brandon Flynn) and other students standing for his funeral probably meaning that it is of the students that killed Bryce.

After all the terrible things that Bryce did; it is safe to say that he had no friends in Liberty High. All he had now we’re a group of foes and any of them could plot a cold-hearted murder against him.  But if anybody could plot the murderer there a very high possibility that it was Hannah’s mother?


In the last season when the Baker family sued Liberty High for negligence after Justin folly came out as an eye witness to the assault, Bryce was still given a mere punishment f community service in such a case of won’t be wrong for any mother let alone Ms Baker (Kate Walsh) who saw her child kill herself because of what Bryce did to her.

Of course, there are other victims of Bryce’s nuisance and people who were buried by him but could any of them surpass an on enraged mother?

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In the last season Ms. Baker broke her own home, let go of her husband just to fight for justice for her daughter. When such a woman is denied justice it won’t be shocking that she takes such extreme measures in order to avenge her daughter’s death!


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