13 Reasons Why Season 4: A Lot Of Investigation Is On The Card, details inside


13 Reasons Why Season 3 is not less than a roller coaster ride, the show featured a mystery combined with murder which shakes the scenario of the show. From Hannah’s suicide to Bryce’s murder characters saw it all.

Season 3 is packed with mysteries and surprised fans with an excessive wist in the plot. Now the story ahead could be more problematic for Clay and his company. By the end of the season, they easily figured out Monty as a Murderer and it could transform the whole scene of their situations.

But unfortunately Nature is not with them and Monty was claimed dead in his prison cell.

Everybody in Clay Jensen’s company is an expert in telling lies and keeping secrets. On the other hand, he is the most compatible contender in such scenarios. In the context of saving others, he came across so many problems in his life.

13 Reasons Why Season 4: A Lot Of Investigation Is On The Card, details inside

In the last season, he rescued Tyler from being caught from the copes as he was reaching to avenge the antics that were not with him. He had a set of weapons which could make so much nuisance but somehow Clay halted him.

He hid the guns from the plain vision but now the guns were recovered by Fisherman. Tony helped him to rescue the guns and has their fingerprints upon them as well. So both the friends could have a ride to jail if they again try to rescue Tyler.

Now the ones who acted with a pivotal role in Bryce Walker’s Murder, Zack left him unconscious and Alex first tried to get him to the hospital. But a strike of sudden anger led to a push to Bryce Walker in the lake and he expired.

So in the end, Alex is the murderer of Bryce but at that time Jessica was also there and was the sole eye witness of this murder. So she tells lies and prevents Alex from his conviction.


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