13 Reasons Why season 4 trailer is out | The Finale season on Netflix | what to expect?

13 reasons why season 4
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13 Reason Why season 4 is forthcoming on Netflix soon. First-released on March 31, 2017, 13 Reasons Why on one hand attracted a high-end teen audience. But, on the other hand, the show also received criticism from the end of professionals and medical experts. For those who do not know, 13 Reasons Why has come out as a show that revolves around bullying, suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, and several other issues that the world barely see in the daily lives of school students with the naked eye. 

This amazing teen drama is originally written by Jay Asher and also available in the form of a novel that goes by the title “Thirteen Reasons Why.”


Are you ready to peak into Liberty High School for one last time? 13 Reasons Why season 4 is the beginning of the End of the story of Hannah Baker, Clay Jenson, and most of all, Montgomery de la Cruz. yes! You heard us. The forthcoming season of 13 reasons why will revolve around Monty who according to the storyline framed into doing the wrong deeds. 

13 reasons why finale season
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To begin with, in the finale of 13 reasons why season 3, Montgomery de la Cruz was the solo suspect for the murder of Bryce walker. However, according to the flashback story, Alex Standall was the one who pushed Bryce into the river after he was left at the riverside by Zach Dempsy. This show is filled with amazing patterns of “who hurt whom.” To be honest, it is a perfect teen drama.

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Without any further ado, let’s find out everything you need to know about 13 reasons why season 4 including release date, expected plot, trailer, and a small recap of 13 reasons why season 3! Let’s go!

What is “13 reasons why season 4” release date?

Recently on May 11, 2020, Netflix updated its 13 reasons why web series profiles from “total 3 seasons” to “finale season coming on June 5,.” That’s right! Clearly, the finale season, aka 13 reasons why season 4 release date is June 5, 2020. Amid CoronaVirus Pandemic, other web series’ release has delayed including Lucifer, and The Handmaid’s Tale; the creators of 13 reasons why are ahead of their plan. 

13 reasons why watch full episodes online monty de la cruz
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For the reader’s information, this outstanding thriller drama holds a warning. We do not recommend you to view this show if you are having suicidal or self-harm thoughts. Furthermore, dial suicide helpline number if you are having trouble at the moment or finding yourself triggered. 

Is there a “13 reasons why season 4” trailer?

Yes! Recently on 20 May 2020; Netflix has released 13 Reasons Why season 4 trailer. Not only this but it has also announced that it is going to be the “finale season” of this teen web series. Let’s take a glimpse:

What is the 13 reasons why the plot summary?

To begin with, “13 reasons why” is a novel-based web series. For the most part, the storyline revolves around Hannah Baker, a new student at liberty high school who attempts suicide and dies after several bullying incidents with her mates at school. Before her suicide, Hannah baker records “13 tapes” including one tape for one person who was somehow responsible for her death. Thus, the show come to know as “13 reasons why.”

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13 reasons why cast Alex Standall
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The first season revolves around the 13 tapes when everyone in the tape hears the entire story of Hannah except Bryce Walker (as he raped Hannah). Hence, he could not be trusted with the tape. Further, the impact of Hannah’s confession on everyone as Alex Standall attempts suicide at the end of season 1. Moving on, the second season of 13 Reasons Why is based on a trail on every kid/adult involved in the tapes. 

What is 13 reasons why season 4 finale expected plot?

As the trailer suggests, 13 reasons why season 4 will follow-up the story of Montgomery de la Cruz. not only this but Monty’s sister Estela de la Cruz will also appear in the series finale. Apart from this, Bryce walker flashback memories will haunt everyone involved. Brand-new secrets will open. Once again, Clay Jenson finds himself stuck in the past. Jessica will overcome the horror of her friends’ death, her rapist’s murder at the hands of Alex Standall whom she started to fall in love with. 

In conclusion, the story of Hannah Baker and her nemesis will stun the world with their twisted lives in Liberty High School. Stay tuned for forthcoming 13 reasons why season 4 spoiler alerts!


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