15 Essential Things to Know about Private Podcasts


There has been a surge in global podcast listeners in recent years and many businesses are now training employees on how to start a private podcast. It’s no surprise when you consider the convenience and potentially higher engagement that internal company podcasts offer. 

Hence, we have compiled a list of 15 things to know about private podcasts even for those who already have one. You can also check out this link – https://www.podbean.com/enterprise/solutions/private-podcast – for more information about starting an enterprise podcast.

15 top things to know before starting a private podcast.

  1. Private podcasts are not publicly accessible 

Private podcasts are often called “internal podcasts” because they are not accessible to the general public. Examples are internal company podcasts or some paid subscriber shows.

Therefore, it is impossible to randomly visit a public directly online to download a private podcast. These podcasts are shared using unique URLs, termed RSS feeds, to subscribers or the company’s mailing list. 

  1. Private podcasting can serve internal team communications

When some people hear podcasts, they think of a public show where a host discusses random topics with their subscribed audience. But podcasting can go beyond that.

Organizations can start an internal company podcast to communicate more effectively and engagingly. Besides, corporate podcasting offers the “human touch” that allows information to be shared with less potential for miscommunications. 

  1. You can monetize private podcasts 

You can make money from starting a business podcast in your company. However, the earnings significantly depend on the number of subscribers or active listeners you have. 

The podcast monetization strategies include sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, donations, premium-tiered content, and joining podcast networks. 

  1. Private podcasts can function as an online community 

Think of private podcasts beyond a show talking to random guests and imagine it as an online “family” community. That’s how engaging business podcasting can be! 

By providing premium quality content, your subscribers and target listeners begin to interact more with your content. You can further increase interactions by creating a platform for feedback, and you have yourself an online community. 

  1. Companies can use private podcasts to share confidential information 

The beauty of private podcasts for business is how content is shared only with specified persons. Therefore, higher-ranking employees could decide to share confidential business information through an internal company podcast that is not accessible to all employees. 

The podcast could also offer additional security measures like a passcode to download links. An excellent hosting platform would ensure your content has secured SSL encryptions. 

  1. You can utilize private podcasts for employee training and development 

Apart from its applications in internal team communications, business management can use private podcasts to host professional training programs. Get in touch with employees and set up actionable podcasting episodes that explain concepts comprehensively. 

The benefits are apparent when properly implemented, as instructors can monitor how the training materials are downloaded or shared. 

  1. Brands can use private podcasts to organize paid content groups 

Consider podcasting if you want to start a paid show. It is exciting and lucrative, but finding subscribers could be a difficult task. However, that involves trying promotional techniques like social media or podcasting networks to increase listeners. In addition to getting a new audience, maintain quality podcast ideas. 

  1. Private podcasting could supplement educational learning management systems 

Schools and educational institutions can train students with private podcasts and learning management systems (LMS). 

It is an excellent approach to explaining complex topics in the most simplistic form using audio podcasts. It also allows better retention since it involves spoken teachings and students can learn on-the-go. 

  1. Brands can implement private podcasts to host guest interviews 

An internal company podcast should not necessarily be about inside business affairs alone. Consider inviting guests or industry experts to your business shows. 

It brings about more networking opportunities and increases awareness of what is happening within your niche. Guest interviews on private podcasts are another way to improve listener engagement. 

  1. Companies can use private podcasts to answer customer FAQs

The truth is many customers usually have a few questions about your product. You can start by checking your customer support department for frequently asked questions (FAQs) or customer complaints. Answer those questions and upload them as a private podcast e-mailed to customers. 

  1. Organizations can track audience engagement on private podcasts 

This fact is one of the many reasons to start a private podcast. With the right hosting platform, podcasting offers audience engagement analytics. That implies essential statistics about how your listeners engage your business podcasts. You can check how each episode performed and what to improve for upcoming episodes. 

  1. Private podcasting could boost remote team networking 

Using private podcasts in large companies for communication includes contacting the remote workforce. They are sometimes left out of the planning process, which is understandable considering the distance or different time zones. 

However, starting an internal podcast reduces that gap between non-remote employees and remote team members. 

  1. Brands can use private podcasts to promote their business

Businesses can use internal podcast promotional techniques to expand their reach and attract qualified prospects. Private podcasting is not overly expensive and is fairly easy to set up.

Just ensure you deliver quality content that targets listeners find useful and engaging. That’s how you stamp your authority within your marketplace and promote your business. 

  1. Private podcasting offers increasing ad revenues

Podcasting is growing, and with it so are podcast ads. Many businesses are using podcasts as an opportunity to expand their target audiences and sell their products or services. Having a brand sponsor your private podcast is a great way to get funding for your show and promote your sponsor’s products at the same time.

  1. A smooth onboarding process is possible using private podcasts 

Hiring new employees is the plan of every business as they expand their customers’ reach. With every new hire comes the need to onboard and introduce existing company values and expected responsibilities. 

But you can streamline this routine with private podcasts. Record important onboarding materials and use them to speed up future employee onboarding. Video podcasts can even enhance the training and onboarding process even more. 


Private podcasts are fast becoming the new mode of internal communication for many businesses. While the growth has been impressive in recent years, there is still a lot of potential for its application across different industries.

These are just some of the key things about private podcasts. Thinking of starting a private podcast for your company or businesses? Don’t hesitate; start today! 



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