174 Indian Nationals File Lawsuit Against Trump Govt. on H1B Visa

H1B Visa

174 Indian nationals sued the Trump administration’s stand on H1B visa. The ban would stop those Indian nationals from going to the US. There would be no visa issuing for them.

The US District Court Judge of Columbia Ketanji Brown Jackson summoned Mike Pompeo who is the Secretary of State and Homeland Security’s Secretary Chad F Wolf on Wednesday. Eugene Scalia who is the Labor Secretary also got the notice ordering her presence in District court. Those Indian families appealed for the lawsuit in the District Court of the United States of America on Tuesday.

Wasden Banias who is fighting the case from 174 Indian Nationals said that proclamation 10052 states the H4/H1B visa ban would harm the US economy. It separates families and goes against Congress. The first two points are absolutely inappropriate but the last point is illegitimate.

The suit filed against the Trump administration asks the court to declare the proclamation 10052 which is restricting the issue of new H-4 or H1B visas illegitimate or admitting new H-1B or H-4 visa holders as unlawful. They requested the court that the Department of State should also look into the pending application of H-4 and H1B visas.

Donald Trump put a suspension on H1B till the end of 2020

Donald Trump has put a suspension on H1B work visas temporarily until this year. His administration announced it on June 22. The US President’s announcement said that seeing the unemployment rate in the domestic market in the US, the government was evaluating the effect of foreign laborers working in the country. US immigration structure must be careful that such economic harm on US laborers is prevented.

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Rise of unemployment rate in US

The president of the United States said that the employment rates have really gone down from February to May this year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the US has been seeing record-breaking unemployment.

The unemployment rate for May comes down to 13.3%. The number has decreased from April. There are a million people in the United States of America with no work right now.

The Trump government stopped issuing new green cards even for legitimate permanent residents earlier. Now, this new proclamation order will last until the end of 2020. He said that people having green cards or once accepted of immigrant visas would be able to apply for every job. Those people will get authorization of employment in the open market from the government of the US.

Forbes informed about the lawsuit first

Forbes is one of the first to inform that 174 Indian Nationals had filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration. The suit pointed out that the rule of Congress which said that people with H-1B visas have the right to work in the USA. The Congress regulation also says that there exists a balance of interest for the employers and workers of the USA also.

Forbes added that the Indian Nationals urged the court to protect H-1B workers. Those professionals were granted labor certification and immigrant petitions. Further, they are longing for the approval of their permanent resident status. This approval could take years though.

There are many lawmakers who Scalia to overthrow the ban on work visas. The legislators said that Donald Trump had been abusing the immigration rules of the country from the beginning of his presidency. His administration failed to acknowledge that there were employers and businesses who got the allowance to take advantage of guest workers, immigrant workers, and even domestic workers as well by paying less money for their work.

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Congressmen signed a letter criticizing Trump

Congressmen Joaquin Castro who is the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Head of the Congressional Black Caucus Karen Bass, Bobby Scott who chairs of the Education and Labor Committee has signed the letters with others regarding Trump’s move. They said that the move is just to diversify the concentration from the administration’s failures with policies to the immigrant visa ban. This decision is not just going to affect immigrant workers but also overlooks the real problem which lies in the visa system. Thus, the system needs reform.


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