2020 Porsche Taycan interior with lots of touchscreen display unveiled


“Touchscreen” is synonymous with smartphones. Well, not any more.

Touchscreen is now for cars as well. With the unveiling of 2020 Porsche Taycan planned within two weeks time, it is getting amazingly exciting. The car features a classy touchscreen display on the dashboard and a wide 53 inch of screen. It is making news already.

Come September 4th, and the grand 2020 Porsche Taycan will be unveiled. With only 6 images released of the interior car cabin and cockpit, everybody is eagerly waiting to have a look at the car.

The elite features

It features a curved display of 16.8 inch, above the steering. The buttons to control the stability, headlights, suspension and ride height, all are touchscreen here. It also house the instrument that has 4 modes, which the drive can cycle to with the steering wheel itself. The four modes are map, full map, classic and pure. Maps is for the navigation, whereas the pure mode helps to keep the screen cluster free and limits display of only traffic, speed, and a simple arrow for navigation.

There is also an infotainment touchscreen, of 10.9 inch which helps access navigation, media, telephone, phone book and is voice command compliant.

Talking of screens, there is also one with haptic feedback. It is 8.4 inches in the cockpit and of 5.9 inch in the rear  passenger seats.

What makes it so different

The most unique and newest feature is the electrically controlled, climate vent controls. The rider can manually adjust the electric shutter which will help in regulating the air flow.

There is always a tough competition with all the other automotive contenders who are there in the market and making their automobiles exquisite. But 2020 Porsche Taycan, has made it to the most elite group just by the teaser photos. There is yet a lot more to be seen on 4th September.



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