2K Apologizes for Offensive Material Posted by Hackers Who Seized Several Social Media Accounts


Writer 2K has apologized for offensive materials posted by way of a number of its official social media accounts after hackers broke into them on Friday night time.

On 15th November 2019, social media accounts belonging to publisher 2K, including all the accounts representing many of its largest games, were the victims of a major hack. These include accounts for Borderlands, 2K itself, and at least some of the 2K sports games, for example.

In the short window, before the hack was brought to a halt, the hacker posted highly offensive messages on many of the accounts, while altering the pages of others. The 2K hack has asked the company to post a formal apology on all of its social media pages.

Affected accounts included the official Fb and Twitter pages of the Borderlands franchise, WWE, and Civilization.

2K Apologizes for Offensive Material Posted by Hackers Who Seized Several Social Media Accounts
2K Apologizes for Offensive Material Posted by Hackers Who Seized Several Social Media Accounts

The posts, which included racist feedback, had been fairly vile and it took 2K a while to regain management of its accounts and clear up the mess (it was a weekend, in any case).

This hack comes per week after a number of FIFA group managers had their private Twitter accounts hacked. The hackers posted messages in assist of a participant that Digital Arts has banned for repeatedly violating its phrases and circumstances.

2K drew the ire of gamers after the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20.

The primary recreation developed totally by Visible Ideas was marred by technical, graphical, and high-quality points, ensuing within the writer releasing an official assertion on the matter and having to clarify the scenario to its traders.

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Visible Ideas has promised to repair the sport with content material releases and common updates.

While social media account that hacking is not exactly uncommon, but it is difficult for a hacker to gain access to so many high-profile accounts at a time. One message sent during the hack claimed that the hacker’s alias was Nublom.

While it looks like that this individual was behind the hack of account, it’s not for sure whether this was the work of a single person or a larger group. Whatever the case, but the true identity of the hacker is not known yet.

Fortunately, it seems as if the purpose of the hack was merely to stage an act of brief digital vandalism. It’s not clear what are the hacker’s motives were, save merely to cause chaos or embarrass 2K.

At present, it doesn’t appear that any more significant damage was done; the hacker didn’t leak anybody’s personal details, for instance, or steal any financial data. No doubt that 2k will start an international investigation to get to the bottom of this case.


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