3 Best Kodi Tips for Firestick You Should Try Once


Kodi is a media player that allows you to stream and watch almost any type of media, like images, audio, and video, both online and offline. It is like a mini theatre that can work as your file manager and audio/video player.

Since Kodi is an open-source media player, it has several secret tips and tricks not everyone knows. Using Kodi on a Firestick makes sense because you get free HD content on a big screen. You can use a Firestick with any smart or traditional TV.

I’ll tell you about some of them in this blog which will change how you use Kodi.


First things first, installing Kodi can be a piece of cake or moving a mountain type of task if you do not follow a decent guide. However, manually giving permissions to your Firestick after installing the Downloader app is the easiest and fastest method for installing Kodi.

You can also use a build that pre-installs all add-ons, skins, and settings one needs to set up Kodi.

Kodi Tips and Tricks

1) Keyboard Shortcuts

Kodi supports several keyboard shortcuts that save a lot of time and make the user interface more friendly. Here are some primary keyboard shortcuts you would love to use.

1) \

You can use \ to switch between windowed and full-screen mode.

2) P

You can use the letter P to play video and audio.

3) F

You can use the letter F to fast forward video and audio.

4) Ctrl+S

You can use this combination to take a screenshot.

5) I

You can use the letter I to view information regarding highlighted media.

6) M

You can use the letter M to show or hide available media playback options, change the view in the media browser, and more.

2) Kodi Skins

Kodi Skins can change your Kodi experience altogether by revamping its appearance. You can customize the startup window, colors, font, settings, and more using Kodi skins. Here is how you can change a Kodi skin.

  1. Go to the gear icon in Kodi that will take you to the settings page,
  2. Click on the Interface option and select Skin,
  3. Click on the Get More options to download more skins than the two default Kodi skins available.

3) Sleep mode

You can also put Kodi’s display to sleep when idle if you want to save power. Here is how.

  1. Go to the gear icon, which will open the Settings window,
  2. Click on the Power Saving option on the left menu bar,
  3. Click on the Put display to sleep option to turn it on,
  4. You can also explore more settings like the Shutdown function, shutdown function timer, and more.

You can also use common tricks like enabling other sources to install third-party add-ons, adding those add-ons to favorites, fixing buffering issues, etc.

Wrapping Up

Kodi is a hugely popular Firestick app thousands of people use. I recommend using a VPN before accessing third-party add-ons with copyrighted content to avoid legal actions against you.


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