3 Major Aspects of Healthcare Consulting: Affordability, Efficiency, and Quality Service


Healthcare Consulting Industry is transforming at an unprecedented level. The industry is increasingly focusing on value-based healthcare and people are becoming responsible for their personal health. Healthcare consulting offers end-to-end services, thereby helping healthcare players to be the smart and intelligent enterprises. The job of a healthcare consultant starts right from setting up hospital infrastructure to introducing healthcare devices and drugs, from hiring healthcare professionals to developing software solutions. Accenture is one such example of healthcare consulting, which majorly focusses on data-driven results to deliver valuable insights. With the advent of advance technology in healthcare delivery, these services have become affordable, efficient, and quality-driven. The National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants or NSCHBC is one of the largest society in the US that provides healthcare management services to the healthcare industry.  

Medical Practice Consultants Believe in Enduring Relationships and Expanding Access to Care

Building a relationship with patients has always been of high importance to healthcare practioners. People are willfully spending on healthcare and they want personalized care in return. Medical health consultant helps in filling the gap by increasing your in-house healthcare staff. These consultants offer support to healthcare givers by designing, implementing, and building strategies to optimize operational processes. Mckesson joined hands with Navigating Cancer in March 2019 to provide an enhanced patient management platform to oncologists. This platform will help doctors to know if patients are responding to treatments and if there are any adverse effects of the same. With the help of this platform, patients can have access to personalized information and will know the side-effects of the medicine beforehand. This will help them to act on time before the problem escalates. Therefore, this platform is proactive and prompt in nature. Healthcare consultant always aims at keeping the patients satisfied, healthy, and ensures short stay at hospitals.

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Healthcare IT Solutions: One of the ‘Highly Demanded’ Services in Healthcare Consulting

Recently, in January 2020, one of the leading providers of healthcare IT solutions called MTBC announced the acquisition of an EHR cloud platform called CareCloud. The company aims to build a strategic roadmap by offering the top-notch technologies to its providers. Yes, it is digital transformation, that is leading the way in restructuring this industry. In order to provide world-class service to patients, it is very important to have a fully-developed IT infrastructure in place. Demand for efficient and highly advanced healthcare systems are increasing rapidly. This, coupled with rising patient population worldwide, will create demand for self-learning and automated systems. The state government in Hyderabad with Public Healthcare Foundation of India or PHFI, International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad, and Intel plans to transform healthcare by moving from deep leaning to self-learning. The government will use artificial intelligence to offer better and improved healthcare services in India. Intel’s country head made a statement by saying that other than improving services, AI will increase organ availability (in case of transplants) in India by 30%. Healthcare consultants are investing in IT solutions, which in turn, is helping doctors to upgrade the quality of treatment.

Will Healthcare Consultants Accomplish What is Expected of them?

Several companies are working in healthcare space to offer healthcare consulting services. Based on their abilities, companies such as Komodo Health, ZS Associates, IQVIA, and others are managing the business processes of hospitals by offering technology services. These companies also help in making strategic decision making by providing relevant insights to doctors and healthcare providers. It is no more management consultants who are going to work on providing advisory, healthcare financing, or other solutions to healthcare providers. Rather, this work is going to be handled by developers and data scientists. However, high cost associated with these services may hamper the growth of healthcare consulting.

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