3 Reasons to Adopt SRE In Your Tech Company

3 Reasons to Adopt SRE In Your Tech Company

Developed by Google in the early 2000s, site reliability engineering (SRE) has been adopted by many companies over the years, including Airbnb, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. What is SRE, and how can companies benefit from it? SRE is a software engineering approach to IT operations that revolves around scripting and automation. It can substantially simplify operations in a company, improving problem-solving, systems management, and various critical processes. 

Why should your tech company adopt the SRE model? Here are three reasons that should convince you. 

  1. Increased Reliability 

When discussing site reliability engineering, it’s critical to focus on the word “reliability”, which shows why this concept is valuable. SRE can help companies improve the reliability of their software products and features and thus avoid downtime. And downtime is terrible news for every business: it leads to loss of revenue and bad customer reviews. 

SRE keeps operations running smoothly, allowing companies to become reliable, efficient, and productive and thus consolidate their reputation. An SRE team in your company will ensure you have less to worry about. 

Are you considering building an SRE team? Check the ServiceNow SRE implementation model for valuable tips. 

  1. Strong Emphasis on Automation 

SRE is a great paradigm for leveraging automation and tooling. Every person in the tech industry understands the importance and value of automation despite all the common misconceptions. Yet, SRE stands out because it emphasizes the need to automate a higher number of operations that have always been done manually. Using software and automation, an SRE team of engineers can solve problems quickly and efficiently and eliminate historically inevitable system failures. 

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The focal point of SRE is automation, so the SRE model encourages companies to rely on automation and tools as much as possible. There are many benefits to this approach. Companies can save time on processes and operations. Time-consuming manual tasks get removed, which leads to fewer errors and failures. Overall, with its focus on automation, SRE can help tech companies grow quicker with fewer costs.  

  1. Scalability 

SRE can provide a lot of value to tech companies and not only because it can easily support scalability. It allows companies to manage large systems efficiently using code and automation, thus enabling them to create highly reliable and scalable systems. Does your company have thousands of machines in assets? SRE can help eliminate errors, redundancies, and time-consuming inefficiencies. Your systems will run at their maximum potential, with perfect synchronization of tasks and processes. 

Is your company relying on large development and IT operations teams and a complex organization? If so, implementing the SRE model is an excellent decision because it will help ensure reliability across teams and departments. SRE is also valuable if you want to work with a more complex technology stack. 

Final Words 

Competition is fierce in the tech industry. If you want to get ahead of the competition, consider adopting the SRE model to improve your company’s efficiency. Automation can help you save time, money, and resources so you can focus on the things that matter.


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