3 Things That Damage Your Business’s Online Reputation (and How to Fix Them)


In today’s digital world, potential customers no longer rely on word of mouth when choosing what businesses to patronize. Social media posts and online reviews not only influence consumers’ decisions but can even negatively affect where your business shows up in search engine results. Below are three things that may damage your business’s online reputation and ways to combat them. In this article you will study, how do I improve my online reputation?

Fake Negative Reviews

Maybe an ex-employee is seeking revenge. Perhaps a competitor wants to hurt your business in order to boost their own. There are numerous reasons that people post fake reviews online. The problem with fake reviews, though, is that they may appear true to potential clients. 

For instance, people can post complaints to sites like The Ripoff Report without any proof besides their word that what they say is true. These complaints aren’t moderated and can be submitted for free using unconfirmed email addresses. One unverified story can cost your business money, time, and stress. If you fall victim to a Rip Off Report scam, have it removed from search engine results with a post-removal service. 

Lack of Engagement

Customers are interacting with brands online more than ever before. Rather than waiting on a helpline, people like to reach out to businesses on social media or review sites with questions, concerns, and praise. Don’t let those opportunities go to waste! Whether a customer is frustrated, angry, or satisfied, respond to every post with a few words. You’ll appear engaged, professional, and like you value your clients.

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A One-Sided Representation

Sometimes only one side of a story gets out, and it may not be in your business’s favor. When a customer posts a negative review or social media post, they are only sharing their version of an interaction. But because potential customers weren’t there to see the whole story, they take the reviewer at their word. To balance out negative posts, reach out to your best customers to write testimonials or incentivize clients to post reviews online. The more accurate information you can share about your business, the better your chances of improving your online reputation and bringing in new business.

With so many online platforms for customers to use, a number of issues can arise when it comes to your business’s reputation. With a little effort, you can improve your online reputation and bring in new customers, while saving yourself time, money, and stress.


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