3 Tips on Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration

If you hope to accomplish great things as a sales professional, you’ll have to master the art of managing accounts properly. Especially during times of economic distress, account managers must be able to improve their sales numbers consistently. The very best account managers demonstrate the ability to modulate their efforts to meet the demands of the times.

  1. Hire The Best People And Train Them Properly

Generally speaking, account managers thrive or falter on the strength of their team-building skills. Without an outstanding sales team by your side, you’ll likely never be able to live up to your full potential. However your company’s revenues may fluctuate, you’ll need to remain willing to spend sufficiently on human resources. Whenever faced by tough competition in a competitive sales market, any account manager can start to feel overwhelmed. With a solid team behind you, you’ll be able to maintain focus and morale during potentially trying times. You need to make sure your team knows what types of words to use in sales pitches. First and foremost, it is important to keep all sales pitches positive in nature. If you can establish an excellent relationship with a top client, you can potentially capitalize on this relationship for years to come.

  1. Focus On Key Accounts To Accelerate Sales

For maximally efficient account management, identifying key accounts is totally essential. As you consider which accounts to put your time and sweat into, look at plenty of additional factors beyond simple revenue numbers. When picking your most important flagship clients, look for clients that fit with your company’s strategic vision moving forward. You’ll also want to focus on the clients that are most enthusiastic about growing and evolving with your company. It will do little good to spend too much time wooing a lukewarm client. When informing people why they should buy more products or services, make sure not to make any exaggerated claims that you can’t support with the facts. Even if a customer seems open-minded and trusting, know that they are likely going to hold you to your word. This is one reason it’s important for account managers to maintain strong lines of communication with other departments. Each sales professional must have access to up-to-date lists of product features.

  1. Always Listen To Your Clients
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Whatever products you offer, you should always remember the old maxim that the customer is always right. All too often, inexperienced account managers assume that sales improvement is best achieved by ramping up aggressiveness. More thoughtful sales professionals know that the key to boosting sales is cultivating the art of listening. Instead of trying to overtly coerce customers through manipulation, great account managers learn to subtly guide their customers’ decisions. Naturally, you’ll want to document interactions with clients so that your organization can learn from its mistakes.

Though sales acceleration can be tricky, its a discipline that virtually anyone can learn through dedicated effort. Learning to delegate and cultivate the right clients can lead to greatly improved sales numbers.


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