3 tips to get the most out of your Bingo experience

tips most Bingo experience

Are you a Bingo enthusiast? Does the clamor of Bingo cards and daubers get you going? If you answered yes then surely you want the tips to get the most out of your Bingo experience, to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any of the excitement. 

Well don’t you worry, we don’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves so here are our top three tips on how you can capitalise on all that Bingo has to offer – you can rest easy, knowing that you’re not missing any of the tricks. We’ve provided a mixture tips so that whether you’re taking part in online or land-based Bingo, you can spice up your games!

  1. Switch up the game 

Don’t get me wrong, classic 75-ball Bingo is timeless and there’s hours of fun to be had playing. However, the way to keep Bingo exciting is to not tire of the traditional game. Why not try a variation? 

If you’re playing a physical game, switch up the rules. Award prizes for successfully covering different patterns on the ticket, for example, covering all of the corners, or covering a cross across the centre of your board. 

Switching up the way that you play Bingo, has never been easier with the variety of games available online. One minute you could be playing in a classic Bingo room and the next, you could become the latest star of your favourite gameshow, in a thrilling themed room. 

If you’re not wanting to fly solo and are looking for more of a social event then online Bingo chat rooms could be for you. This is a pop-up chat box where you can message other players. You could become part of a community, making friends and contributing to the chat. 

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2. Invent your own Bingo calls 

Tired of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ and ‘Dancing Queens’? Then try personalising your own Bingo game and incorporate some unique calls. Have you got an inside joke between friends, or are you and your family enthusiasts of a particular TV series? You could be calling ‘68 – Late for My Tinder Date’ or ‘Number Nine, Your Place or Mine?’. 

However you choose to shake up your calls, making up new and personal number nicknames could be a hilarious way to freshen up your at-home Bingo experience and entertain the other players. 

3. Incorporate food

I’m sure you won’t take much convincing with this one. If there’s food involved, everyone is bound to enjoy themselves. Rather than using a dauber to check off your numbers, why not cover them with a food of choice. If you’ve themed your physical Bingo game to cater for an event, you could tie the food choice in with this. For example, you could play with mini-Easter eggs, Halloween sweets, or Christmas-themed chocolates. Will you be able to resist the temptation of eating your markers straight away? 

Since we’re all usually more competitive when there’s a prize up for grabs, when playing amongst friends or family, and not wanting to splash out heavily on a cash prize or luxurious gift, food is always a reliable alternative! If you have a box of chocolates up for grabs, the chances are that people are more likely to have their eyes on the sweet prize. 


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