3 Ways Entitlement Management Systems Can Empower Your End-Users


For those who aren’t familiar with entitle management, it refers to the action of managing access to systems, software, and any other digital content. This solution allows businesses to issue, enforce, grant, resolve, or revoke privileges to the desired resources, offering many advantages they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

While suitable entitlement systems can help companies operate more efficiently, lower costs, and maximize revenue, they also empower the end-users. In this post, we’ll talk about how it benefits your customers.

Allows companies to monitor software performance

One advantage of entitlement management is that it allows companies to monitor their software’s performance. And by having a better understanding of their applications, they’re able to find areas that may require some improvement or features that could elevate the software. As a result, software developers and publishers can attract more customers and increase their sales numbers.

This benefits end-users by giving them access to more robust software. In addition, because development teams are aware of any problems that may exist or points of enhancement for their respective programs, they can continue improving their function. In doing so, it makes them more beneficial to the users.

Offers end-users better software security

There’s no denying our increasing reliance on technology. After all, it offers us advantages we can no longer live without. But these benefits come at the price of the risks of cyberattacks. Because these digital criminal activities can lead to a lot of trouble and financial losses, security has now become a priority for many. 

Moreover, since software developers are given more insight through entitlement management and are able to continue refining and upgrading existing application products, end-users can expect the programs they use to be less vulnerable to malicious software and data breaches. This will ease their worries as they’ll be more protected against cyberattacks.

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Provides good value for money

Entitlement management and software licensing are more intertwined than people think. Apart from understanding how their product performs, software companies will also have an idea of the way customers respond to their licensing model, enabling them to cater better to their needs. The end-users can benefit from it through specific software licensing models. For example, consumption-based licensing will allow users to pay for the software only when they need to use it. The same goes for a subscription-based licensing model.


When all’s said and done, entitlement management doesn’t only benefit software publishers and developers. These systems can also be advantageous in empowering the end-users. Whether it’s giving them more functional applications, offering a greater level of security, or giving them the best bang for their buck, entitlement solutions will benefit all parties.

However, to achieve the intended results, the chosen entitlement management system must be robust and integrated within the licensing implementation of the software. Only with a comprehensive solution can an organization minimize its operational costs, improve its overall processes, elevate the product’s visibility, and improve the user experience while empowering them at the same time.


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