3 Ways to Start a Quickly Profitable Laundromat

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A small or large laundromat business is one of the most profitable, stable, and recession-proof businesses. If you’re a business owner know that there are no franchise fees, no inventory, and low labor costs. For the ultimate no-hassle business operation and a passive income business, you can even consider a self-service or coin op laundry service. 

Consider possibly buying a laundromat and updating it with new commercial laundry equipment if you want to operate a profitable, recession-resistant business. Nowadays, due to the easy install and operation of coin op laundry parts and equipment, you can retool your current store, open your very first laundromat, or expand your laundry franchise quickly.

#1 Location, Location, Location

Finding the location for your laundromat is a crucial beginning step. It is the first foundational decision to creating a profitable coin op laundry parts and service business. Perhaps you’ll want to start from ground-up construction. Still, with some research, there are many existing laundromats in prime locations waiting to be owned and operated by a passionate entrepreneur. Purchasing and refurbishing a coin op laundry parts and service business can be one of the easiest ways to enter the market. At this stage, you can also consider discussing options with your local brokerage service. 

#2 Choose the Best Coin Op Laundry Equipment

Perhaps your current laundromat business requires service and repair. Your equipment might also need an upgrade. Most recently, there have been incredible advances in commercial laundry equipment over the past decade. New washers and dryers are more resource-efficient and energy-efficient. Profits will immediately start rising once your laundromat begins to save from newly installed energy and water-conserving equipment. All of your customers will also greatly benefit from new equipment. They are high spin and high-capacity washers that can dry and wash in less than an hour. 

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#3 Schedule Regular Maintenance Before the Busy Season
As a hospitality business, laundromats work overtime during the busy tourist seasons. A good idea for these times is to make sure you have an excellent coin op laundry parts house as well as a factory-trained service technician. Check your equipment before the busy tourist seasons. This will allow time to talk about expenses or regular and unexpected repairs. LaundryParts.com is your 24/7 online resource for the best washer and dryer parts and all brands of commercial laundry parts. Learn more about LaundryParts.com.


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