4 App Engagement Tips for Your App Users


Staying ahead of the competition can be challenging when working on app development. It can feel almost impossible with more than 8.93 million smartphone apps globally.

To have a successful app, you must engage your app users. Apps that only entice a little engagement can quickly be forgotten or uninstalled. As such, you should focus on creating a mobile app engagement strategy to keep your users returning. But how can you achieve this?

If you’re looking for app engagement tips, you’ve found the right place. Keep reading to learn five excellent strategies to improve app engagement.

Tip #1. Make It a Game

When looking at how to increase app engagement, one of the easiest ways is to make a game of it. You can do this by implementing a point system, badges, or awards for achieving certain milestones. If your CX is entertaining, your user base will keep returning to your app, thus boosting low app engagement rates.

An excellent example of an app with reward features is Duolingo. Duolingo is a language learning app where you can reach new language milestones and compete with your friends as you learn. You can also design your app to send an enticing message to engage app users if they haven’t logged in in a while.

Tip #2. Keep It User-Friendly

Nothing turns users off more than an app that is difficult to use. It’s worth planning an app with a smooth sign-up feature; otherwise, you risk users giving up before they’ve started. You want your users to be able to achieve their goals through your app.

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Simple ways to make your app more user-friendly are to have a simple onboarding process, offer in-app chat support, have scalable text, and have a quick and responsive interface.

Tip #3. Invite Conversation

Another of our app engagement strategies is inviting conversation into your app. You can do this easily by implementing a chat or forum system into your app development. Additionally, making your app content shareable to social media will further boost user engagement rates as they share their progress across platforms.

A great example of an app that invites conversation is Strava. This app lets you share your exercise progress with friends via social media.

Tip #4. Personalise It

Finally, our last tip for better app development and engagement is to allow your users to personalise their accounts. For example, allowing users to change profile pictures, add their location and interests, etc. This tactic is an excellent way to keep users on your app as they periodically update their profiles.

A great example of an app that allows personalisation is Instagram. IG enables users to have a custom profile image, a user bio, etc.

Get The Best App Development You Can Afford

Simply having an app on the market isn’t enough anymore. You must go beyond that and keep your user base returning for more. To achieve this, you need to improve app engagement by following our app engagement tips. For example, allowing app personalisation, implementing chat or conversation features, and building a user-friendly app are all ways you can beat low app engagement rates.


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