4 Main Considerations When Hiring a Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane

Many people hire mobile cranes depending on the industry that they serve. It can be the rail industry, construction, or the events industry. Plus, you do not need to assemble them as you can transport them easily the way they are from one place to another. Besides, you can easily store them on-site as they do not require a lot of space. It can be a challenge to choose the best mobile crane rental company for the job you want. However, there are factors that you need to consider before you choose the best crane hire company that has the right and best mobile cranes you can choose for the task at hand. As you read on, are 4 factors to consider before hiring a mobile crane.

1. Mobile Crane Weight of the load 

To begin with, you need to consider the weight of the load as different mobile cranes can handle different capacities. While others can only lift light loads, others are designed for larger loads. For this reason, the weight of the load should be considered as you hire a mobile crane. In case you are lifting different loads, determine the maximum weight of the largest load that you want to lift. As part of this, you need to factor in the angle of the boom. This is because you may be planning to lift only 40 tons, but you will have to hire an 80-ton mobile crane due to the angle of the boom.

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2. Height clearance of Mobile Crane 

Mobile Crane

Always factor in the working environment and the surrounding area of the lift as you hire a mobile crane. This is because, there are somethings that can affect or obstruct the movement of the crane such as buildings, power lines, and trees. Since you do not want to cause any accidents around the scene, know what the dimensions of the buildings are or any other obstruction that is near to where the object is going to be lowered or lifted. Once you get all this information, choose a mobile crane that has the right height to prevent any delays or incidents.

3. Type of terrain

Mobile Crane

Before you hire a mobile crane you need to consider the terrain. Consider how your ground looks like. Is it muddy, soft, sloping, rough, or uneven? All these will help ensure that the lift or drop is carried out safely as the mobile crane will have to be stabilized properly. Therefore, when you have the right information on the type of terrain that you are working with, it will be easy to determine whether you need a truck-mounted crane, rough-terrain crane, or an all-terrain mobile crane. Where the ground is soft and muddy, the best mobile crane for such ground is a crane mounted on crawler treads. If it is stable and firm ground, choose a truck-mounted crane that has rubber tires.

4. Health and safety 

Mobile Crane

Just like any other crane, a mobile crane can be a dangerous piece of machinery if you do not follow through with the safety measures. Ensure you take the health and safety measures seriously as you hire mobile cranes. In a case where there is a breach of safety and health as you use mobile cranes, it may cause injury, damage, and even loss of life. Hence, enquire from the company you hire your mobile cranes from if they will give you an experienced and fully certified crane operator. Also, confirm that their cranes are certified and tested for safety. When you hire a mobile crane, with a crane operator that is from a trusted hire company, you are guaranteed the safety of the site staff and that of the crane.

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To conclude, all the above are important factors as you hire mobile cranes. But, sometimes you may be unsure of which crane to hire because you are unsure of the ground, in case of any weather changes. In such a case, choose all-terrain mobile cranes to be on the safer side. Also, consider the accreditation that all the operators and crane drivers have if you wish to work with them to ensure they are safe and competent. If you will hire privately, consider this as well.



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