4 Reasons Why Preserved Roses are Worth Every Penny

Preserved Roses

Roses have been used for centuries as symbols of love and affection. People have gifted their friends, family and loved ones roses for centuries to communicate their emotions. However, like other flowers, roses only last a couple of days before they begin to wilt. Preserved roses on the other hand can last for a few months in pristine condition.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to buy preserved roses for your loved one, consider the many benefits that these flowers offer.

1. They are long-lasting

Gifting roses to your loved one is a great way to express your affection towards them. However, they’ll only get to enjoy this beautiful gift for a few days. With proper care, fresh cut roses can last for up to 10 days before they begin to show signs of wilting.

A long lasting roses box from Melrose Flowers, is the perfect way to show your loved one that your affection is here for the long haul. Preserved roses can last up to three years. They will be a daily reminder to your loved one. Your loved one can enjoy the luxurious effect of fresh and pristine roses for months.

Preserved Roses

2. Preserved Roses are a one-of-a kind gift

Preserved roses aren’t just beautiful; they’re a unique gift that your loved one will appreciate. You can choose rose colors to suit the occasion or to convey a special message. The roses can be arranged to create a beautiful customized gift.

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In addition to custom floral arrangements, the flowers come in stylish containers. These containers can be anything from clear glass domes to chic handmade cardboard boxes in a variety of shapes. These elegant containers take the presentation of the beautiful blooms a notch higher. Anyone would be glad to have such a unique gift in their space. It would be a great conversation starter.

3. They’re the perfect gift for any occasion

No matter what you want to say, you can say it with a rose. Roses are the perfect gift for every occasion. Show your romantic interest how much you love them with twelve red roses. Show your mother just how much you appreciate her love with a bunch or roses on Mothers’ Day. Give your best friend a bunch of orange roses to wish them the best as they take on a new job.

Giving your loved ones preserved roses ensures that they can enjoy their gift for a long time. They will remember this special occasion and how much you care for them every time they look at their roses.

4. Preserved Roses are a gift anyone can appreciate

Looking for a special gift for a special occasion? Preserved roses are a gift that anyone can appreciate regardless of their personal preferences, age or gender. These flower boxes are both beautiful and practical. Everyone appreciates the beauty of roses and will appreciate the life they breathe into any space. Preserved flowers are an easy, low-maintenance way to add a touch of nature into any indoor space. A beautiful bloom will change the look and feel of a space completely. Your loved one can enjoy this for many months with preserved roses.

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Roses truly are the perfect gift. Preserved roses ensure that your loved one can enjoy this gift for even longer. Order preserved roses and take advantage of rose delivery New York services to give your loved one something to smile about. If you love flowers, you can order a rose box for yourself and brighten up your space. You won’t need to buy roses for many months. They’re the perfect gift to your loved ones and to yourself too.



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