4 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Business Needs Digital Signage

Digital signage empowers any business to instantly showcase its goods and services to assist them by standing out from their competitors and engaging with more customers.

A digital sign is like a flexible banner, and they come in all shapes and sizes as follows:

  • A single large video format screen,
  • Multi-screen video units displayed on various walls,
  • kiosk type units that are free-standing,
  • Shelf-edge display units, and
  • Independent tablet devices that can be positioned anywhere.

There are numerous benefits digital signage will offer for your business. In this article, we will present four fundamental reasons why your business needs to adopt a digital signage solution.

1. Dynamic Content Delivery

Compared to print signage, digital signage content is extremely cost-effective. A tailored message can be scribed and delivered much faster, and unlike static advertising, the content and message are created in real-time. This ability greatly supports the display of new goods, promotions, events, and social media messages. Or maybe just simply sending a friendly message to your customers.

There are no message limitations or delays due to lengthy and costly production times whenever new signage is required. An admin user will enter the new information using suitable and configurable digital display applications, and within a short timeframe, your digital sign is updated and broadcast to your consumer base.

2. Passerby Attention: Prospects become Consumers

The benefits of digital signage are not limited to the in-store experience. Digital displays can also attract those passing by who may otherwise never would have entered your business. Digital signage has a compelling advantage – it can leverage motion – and this is one reason digital signs capture on average 400 per cent more views than any static sign can manage.

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3. Specific Product Promotion

There are occasions when a business will need to push a specific product. It might be a food item about to expire or a seasonal piece of clothing almost out of season. A quick and powerful promotional campaign can be devised, created, and displayed on the digital signs within your business – offering customers an enticing discount. This will readily enable any business to clear those products that require pushing while positioning oneself to move onwards with new ones.

4. Competitive Differentiation

Research has identified that approximately 50 per cent of those who have seen a digital signage screen within the past month can accurately recall the content. In business, being memorable is essential, especially so when you have keen competition who want your consumer base. Customers feel a sense of unity and similarity when interacting with social media and digital prompts from electronic signage. They become readily intrigued when new products or sales arise, and this consumer activity will provide an extra edge over your competitors.

It was not that long ago that digital signage was expensive and complex, however, the circumstances are very different nowadays. If you are a ‘bricks-and-mortar business owner and not using digital signage, then potential customers may be walking right past your premises.

Now is the right time to implement digital signage in your business using configurable digital display applications. Even if one starts small, it will present a starting point for future digital growth and expansion.


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