4 Tips for Planning a Trip with Elderly Parents


If you were thinking of going to another country with an elderly parent alone or with a large group, then you will have to take special precautions. This is especially true if they suffer from health conditions related to their age. Traveling with an elderly person will take more preparation, but if you prepare early and make wise choices, you can make things easier for everybody. Here are some tips you should follow if you want your next trip to go as smoothly as possible.

Get them Involved in Planning but Don’t Center the Trip Around Them

Most parents want their children and grandchildren to have fun and hate feeling like they’re being a burden. So, while you should get your parent’s input during the planning stage, be careful to not limit yourself too much because of them.

You may favor certain destinations because they won’t require as many connecting flights, but don’t scratch off destinations because your parents won’t be able to participate in certain activities there. They might actually prefer spending time relaxing to going on adventures every day, so don’t assume that you need to have them involved in everything.

You should also check if they want to travel in the first place. Many seniors lose interest in traveling as they get older. It could be the long hours of flight travel that puts them off, or all the issues with airports and entering a country, so take the time to sit down with them and ask if they actually want to go. 

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Consider Non-Emergency Medical Travel

If the senior you’re traveling with is suffering from a condition that requires constant assistance or needs to take very important medication, then you should consider looking for a non-emergency medical travel service like an Angles flight

Services like these will assign your parents to a nurse who can care for them in transit. You won’t have to worry about giving them medication and it reduces the chances that they suffer an episode while traveling. And, if they do, you’ll have someone right there to give them first aid and communicate crucial information with first responders.

Consider Booking Superior Accommodation

If you were thinking of booking a hotel, you should look at what’s available on the private property side. A villa would be perfect if you’re traveling with a large group. You’ll get to split the costs and have a space where your elderly parent will have more space. They’ll also be able to get more privacy and will be much more comfortable if they have to stay back at the accommodation because they couldn’t or didn’t want to participate in an activity.

Another benefit of booking a private property is that you’ll be able to buy and cook your food. This is a major plus if your parents have a restrictive diet. It’s also helpful if you are taking kids too, as everyone will welcome the additional space to relax in.

Give Yourself More Time

You have to add time to every process when you travel with an elderly person. Getting ready on the day of the trip will take more time, and it will take them more time to get ready when you visit attractions. So, if you want to stay on time, add at least 30 minutes to one hour of preparation for anything you were thinking of doing.

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These tips should simplify things for you if you’re traveling with someone older. If you start planning early and make sure that everyone gets involved, you should have a trip everyone will remember for the right reasons.


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