450+ flights canceled or delayed on Day 2 of San Francisco Airport runway closure

450+ flights canceled or delayed on Day 2 of San Francisco Airport runway closure
450+ flights canceled or delayed on Day 2 of San Francisco Airport runway closure

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has closed off its on-demand runways for fixes Saturday, causing many flight postponements and scratch-offs. What’s more, the interruptions won’t end at any point in the near future: The runway isn’t expected to reopen until September 27.

Despite the fact that a portion of the interruption may have been brought about by different factors, like climate changes elsewhere in the nation, almost 109 flights were canceled Saturday and 274 were delayed.

As indicated by flight service administration FlightAware, by 8:15 p.m. EDT Sunday: 131 flights into and out of the San Francisco International Airport had been canceled and 328 delayed.

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Multiple numbers of delays and cancellations… SFO’s arrival and departure boards are exhausting to look at, as are the passengers passed out at the airport, furthermore, seen pleading gate agents for a quicker way home.

“We got a notification for a delay, and then another notification and another notification and turns out about four hours later they said we’re going to re-book you on another flight,” said David Decarion, who is trying to get his family and two young children back home to Fort Worth, Texas in time for school on Monday.

Sunday was the second day of a 20-day closure of 28 left runway, a high-traffic and damaged area, that crews are now reconstructing.

In a press release, SFO said, “Flight delays are expected to average 30-45 minutes, with some flights experiencing maximum delays of approximately 2 hours.”

One of the questions asked to the passenger: “Did they offer to allow you to re-book your flights?

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The passenger replied: “They gave us that, and they said there wouldn’t be any penalties, but that’s kind of crazy because you still gotta come in and out of San Francisco.”

Until September 27th, when construction is expected to be complete, it’s helpful to know that short-haul flights are the first to be delayed.

And if you need to book travel between now and Sept. 27th, flights, before 9 am, are most likely to run as scheduled.


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