5 Benefits of the Straight 8 Back Brace


Proper posture is something that can impact your life in powerful ways. In fact, a lack of good posture can lead to unfortunate health conditions like spinal dysfunction, joint pain, and muscle soreness. Not practicing good posture can also affect the way that you focus and concentrate thanks to unpleasant aches and pains that it produces. 

If you have been looking to improve your posture, the good news is that there are a lot of ways you can do this. Good posture is something that will improve almost every aspect of your physical fitness journey, and you don’t need a gym membership or a new diet plan to do it! 

There are various tools that a person can choose to use when it comes to pursuing better posture. Everything from shoes, to ergonomically designed chairs, and even bed mattress are designed to help you pursue a better posture. If you have been looking into using the straight 8 back brace to help you get better posture, then here are five benefits you need to know about! 

1.8 Points of Support

The first benefit to point out is probably the most obvious, but this specific back brace provides 8 points of support as the name implies. These points of support specifically target the lower and middle back as well as the shoulders and neck. 

This unique design helps not only bring your back into alignment but also your shoulders and neck. With 8 powerful points of support, the Straight 8 back brace helps bring all of these areas into proper alignment. 

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2.Completely Adjustable

The journey to finding out what proper posture and alignment looks like for every person will be a unique one. Everyone has a unique body and because of that, cookie cutter settings often just don’t work. The 8 Straight back brace brings a high level of adjustability, so that it can serve a variety of body types and sizes. 

Being able to adjust the back brace to fit your shoulders and back gives you the power to get the support the way that you need it most. Another benefit to an adjustable strap is that it allows you to grow into your good posture. As you get stronger and better at practicing good posture, you can adjust your straps for better and better alignment. 

3.Muscle Memory is Important

The goal of using a brace like the 8 Straight back brace is to eventually not use it. That’s because good posture can be achieved and become the normal way that your body actually holds itself. The brace itself is meant to help you get to that point. It helps bring your muscles into alignment, and then it helps you build up the necessary strength and muscle memory for them to stay in alignment. 

Muscle memory is an important part of good posture, and a back brace can help you achieve this. This means that part of learning how to do good posture will be exercising your posture without your brace from time to time. A back brace is a great way to help you stay supported while you work or do something for long periods of time that requires concentration. During these sessions of wearing it, you are helping your muscles build the memory they need to achieve proper alignment on their own! 

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Another benefit to using the Straight-8 back brace is how discreet this tool can be. Designed to discreetly slip over your shoulders, you can wear almost any kind of shirt you want over it without it being noticeable. This frees you up to wear it at the office, or out to the movies without worrying about how it looks on you. 

With a discreet design, you can pair this back brace with some of your favorite clothes. This is a huge plus when it comes to getting in the hours for muscle memory and strength that you need to get the posture you want. 

5.Hemp Fibers That Wick Away Moisture

On top of being discreet, comfortable, and fully adjustable, the 8 Straight back brace is designed with hemp fibers that wick away moisture. This means that you can wear this brace for extended periods of time, without worrying about getting all hot and sweaty. This can be a huge benefit to anyone who may need to wear their back brace while also wearing multiple layers of clothing like during the winter. 

Whether you have a light t-shirt over your brace, or you are layering up with a wool sweater, the moisture-wicking hemp fibers will help keep you cool and dry for the long haul.


With 8 powerful points of support, moisture-wicking hemp fibers, and a discreet and fully adjustable design, there are a lot of reasons to love the 8 Straight back brace. If you have been wanting to find an easy, comfortable way of improving your posture, this brace is definitely worth your time! 



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