5 Common Myths About Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

When it comes to interior décor, many people resist the idea of having art pieces to decorate the home walls. People have many misconceptions about modern wall decoration, such as high price, poor quality and more. 

Most of you think you do not know the rules to decoration and thus stop to decorate the walls, which can make your interior look blank. It is now high time to stop following those myths to give a personalized look to walls. 

Decoration is not about price or rules, it is only about what you see to love on your walls. In this article we have debunked the five common myths about wall decoration.

Myth 1: Wall Decoration Is Expensive

Wall Decoration
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Wall decor is not expensive as you can find the desired wall art or wall decor pieces at reasonable prices. You can furnish the walls in less amount if you have an eye to select the pretty item. 

Search for affordable wall decoration items, including floating shelves, canvas prints, potted plants, and more. Also, there is an option for wall paper and vintage styled wall decor that are affordable. 

Further, if you have an interest in art and craft, then with just a few bucks, you can paint your own pieces and can use them as decor.


Myth 2: Dark Colors on Wall Make Room Look Smaller

Wall Decoration
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It is a common myth that many of you follow, but the truth is dark wall decor pieces do not make the room smaller. Instead, dark wall art or other items complements the light colored wall in your room. 

If you use dark colored decoration on walls, it adds a texture, warmth and glamour to the room. Moreover, a dark-colored wall can act as a beautiful canvas in your space as well. 

Your rooms seem smaller when you make your room crowded with large furniture items, not with wall decor.

Myth 3: Incorporate Only The Trend In Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration
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No, you do not need to follow any trend to decorate your walls. Wall decoration should reflect your style and personality, it has nothing to do with trends. Any art piece that you hang on a large wall will look trending to your guests.

For example, if you love nature, then consider hanging nature inspired wall arts such as flower prints, sunset scenes, and more. 

On the other side, if Scandanavian is your style, consider hanging artwork with calm colors.

Myth 4: Follow A Single Style

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It is another big myth that people have regarding the wall decoration. The truth is you do not need to follow a single style for wall decor. You can use different styles in your room to create an interior of your choice.

There is no reason you can not hang bohemian wall art in the modern style interior. Even a wall art of different style will complement your interior in many ways. 

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If you blend and merge different styles in your space, the environment will become bold and harmonious.

Myth 5: Make the Space Look Clutter

Wall Decoration
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No matter whether your room is big or small, wall decoration never makes a room feel cluttered if done properly. Consider hanging a large wall art on a large wall or hanging floating shelves to keep things at place. 

Wall art and wall shelves give a new attractive look to the room, but not make it look messy. You can infuse your personal style by adding various art pieces on the gallery wall.

Final Words

Do not always follow the rules or believe in myths of wall decoration. As they say, rules are meant to be broken, so break traditional rules and do not hesitate to decorate the walls of your home.



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