5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business

5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business

Hiring high-quality programmers can be daunting. You need to ask the right questions, search for suitable places and consider specific factors to hire right. You’re in the right place if you want to hire developers but don’t know how to go about it.

This article contains the top five factors to consider when hiring computer programmers, full-stack developers, or freelance developers.

Let’s get into it.

5 things you must do to hire the best programmers

5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business

Conduct a c++ (coding): entry-level algorithms test

One of the most crucial factors to consider when hiring the right programmer is the online c++ programming test. C++ is a powerful general-purpose program created as an extension of the C programming language. It serves as solid basic knowledge for junior programmers on C++. So, programmers with an in-depth understanding of this can operate on large system servers and improve application performance, video games, and website design.

Therefore, if you are looking for computer programmers with these skill sets, you must conduct a c++ entry-level algorithm test. The test consists of a 10-minute coding exercise that evaluates candidates’ knowledge and experience in coding. It supplies different test cases to help applicants prove their understanding of coding and programming.

Conducting this screening gives you quick insight into what a candidate can do. However, while this is an excellent yardstick to measure an applicant’s foundational experience, combining it with other cognitive, analytical, problem-solving, and computer language skills is best. Essentially, know the skill set you are looking for and ensure the hired candidate has what it takes.

Years of experience

Another crucial factor to consider when hiring a programmer is their years of experience. It’s never a one-size-fits-all, as this factor depends on the role and complexities of the job title. For example, basic roles may require about 0-3 years of experience. However, programming roles with complex responsibilities may require up to 4-9 years of experience.

It’s best to define the years of experience expected from the role in the job description and application process to choose the most qualified candidates.

Job description

Hiring qualified programmers to aid your development process requires an outstanding job description. It should be clear and concise, but with all the essential details the ideal applicant must know. The best programmer job descriptions reflect your organization’s culture and values, ensuring the ideal candidate shares similar beliefs and ideologies.

It includes the job brief, which entails precisely who your organization is looking for and what needs to get done. It features the ideal candidate’s qualifications and skill set. So, include it in the job description if you want an employee with vast knowledge and years of experience in critical software development skills like python, PHP, WordPress, Javascript, etc.

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Also, it highlights the prospective employee’s duties, responsibilities, and company’s expectations clearly. This way, candidates know what they have to do and if they have the capacity and abilities required.

Writing an effective job description streamlines recruitment and saves the tech assessment time by communicating a role’s qualifications, duties, and expectations. This attracts the right sets of applicants, increasing the chances of hiring qualified candidates.

Interview questions

5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business

Asking appropriate questions is a quick way to know applicants and discover if they are the right person for the job. However, you don’t have to be a programming, app development, or recruitment professional to ask a programmer the right questions during an interview.

Ask relevant and straightforward questions tailored to reveal the programmer’s competence and experience. Inquire about their past programming experience, technical skills, and certifications.

Also, test them on the specific programming skills you seek. For example, if you need a programmer with ample experience in front-end development, back-end development, or a programmer with node.js, CSS, or MySQL skills, give them practical exercises to test their knowledge and experience in those areas.

Follow a template if you are still unsure of the right questions to ask candidates during an interview. However, ensure every question you ask is relevant to the programmer’s role and your organization’s needs.

Relevant interview questions help you achieve your ultimate goal — finding the most qualified programmer that would deliver on their roles successfully. So, it’s essential to do the required work when selecting the right interview questions.

Must-have skills  

Another important factor to consider when hiring programmers are the skills required to execute the role. While the required skills are unique to your organization’s needs, there are typical programming skills every programmer should have. They include:

  • Problem-solving skills: One of a programmer’s primary responsibilities is problem-solving. This includes breaking down complicated milestones into simpler ones and applying what they’ve learned from previous complications to troubleshoot current challenges.
  • Attention to detail: The right programmer must be able to pay excellent attention to detail to mitigate errors. This allows them to spot bugs in detailed code and identify code errors.
  • Communication skills: The ideal candidate should be able to communicate effectively among teammates and stakeholders. This includes interpreting briefs, giving feedback, etc.
  • Technical skills: Programmers should have technical knowledge about different concepts of programming, including knowledge of data structures, algorithms, frameworks, etc.

Cloud computing skills are also essential for qualified programmers. They should know how to use data centers and cloud computing services, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud Platforms, Google Cloud Platforms, etc.

Considering these skills when hiring programmers will help you choose the right programmer for your brand.

Top questions to consider when hiring programmers

5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business

These questions will help you hire the best programmers. Let’s take a look.

Why do you need a programmer?

Choosing the right programmer requires understanding your needs as an organization and knowing where a programmer fits in. Do you want to improve your user experience, fix bugs, or develop an application? Figuring out your programming needs will allow you to highlight the right skill set for the role. This will help you know what to look out for and lay out your expectations during the application and recruitment process.

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Do you want to hire freelance programmers or full-time programmers?

Depending on your organization’s needs, you must decide if you want to hire a freelance or full-time programmer for your brand. Freelance software engineers and programs may work per milestone and charge hourly rates. They create programs, improve your apps’ functionality, and enhance your project management processes on a one-off basis. However, you can rehire them if you encounter any challenge with the frameworks, computer programming, or website applications and need help troubleshooting or debugging.

However, if you regularly have computer programming, web development, or web application needs, you may consider hiring a full-time programmer. They often charge at fixed prices and are of regular service to their companies.

You will find freelance programmers and full-time engineers on freelance marketplaces like Upwork, job boards, and social media platforms like Linkedin. So, figure out the type of programmer you need and ensure they have the technical skills, years of experience, and the right resume for the job.

How do you shortlist candidates?

An efficient recruitment process makes it easier for you to hire great candidates. Creating a recruitment structure is best, especially if you have limited vacancies and overwhelming applications. You can divide the process into different sections to test applicants in different areas. For example, you can access their technical and non-technical skills, experiences, etc.

You can also streamline the application process by eliminating unqualified candidates automatically. This way, you can skip examining multiple resumes to find the most suitable candidate.

Creating a structure to shortlist candidates is an excellent way of facilitating the hiring process and creating a seamless and organized experience for applicants.

What do candidates expect?

While you have expectations as a company, the programmer you intend to hire also has expectations. Understanding what the best talents want can give you an edge over other companies and attract the best programmers to your brand. So, it’s critical to understand what the ideal candidate expects. What are their salary expectations? Their professional boundaries and expectations on career development within the workplace?

Understanding what programmers want can help you create an attractive offer for the best software programmer. You can conduct research through surveys, polls, or ask applicants directly. Afterward, consider their expectations to win qualified candidates over.


Hiring the best programmers can get tricky when you don’t know how to go about it. So, this article discusses the top five pointers to consider when choosing the right programmer. They include the C++ coding entry-level algorithm test, job description, interview questions, must-have skills, and years of experience. Consider these factors when hiring your next programmer, and you are guaranteed to make the best choice.

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5 Considerations To Have When Hiring Programmers For Your Business


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