5 Low-Cost Tech Add-Ons to Improve Security at Home


Home burglary: it’s something you hope will never happen to you. But hope isn’t enough if keeping your possessions, and possibly your family, safe is among your priorities. By now, you know that even simple security measures like locking doors can make a big difference, but if you want to use a bit of gadgetry to help you, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve chosen a top 5 list of relatively low-cost security gadgets to get you started!

1. Automate Garage Doors

Car thieves love a vehicle that’s standing unattended with its engine running and keys in the ignition. It can be so tempting to do just that when you’re opening your garage doors on arriving home. Automate it! What’s the best garage door opener for you? Choosing one can be more fun than you thought. Shoot for reliability, smooth, silent operation and easy installation that you can DIY. 

2. Security Cameras

Security cameras get mixed reviews from criminals themselves. Some say it’s a deterrent, while others say it just tells them you own good loot. In that case, they make sure they cover up so that they can’t be identified from footage. There are even cases in which nothing is stolen – except for the security cameras themselves! However, hidden security cameras give you the advantages of surveillance without the disadvantages. 

3. Lights Linked to Motion Sensors

Outdoor lighting with motion sensors aren’t new or particularly high tech, but they may make criminals hesitate. Did someone in the house notice them and turn on the lights? Can they be seen from the road or be spotted by neighbors? There’s a chance that they’ll look for a less conspicuous target instead of continuing to snoop around your property. 

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4. A Loud Alarm

Many burglars know how to bypass alarm systems, but if yours is well-installed and unobtrusive, setting it off will make most burglars take flight. After all, it could alert a security company, and even if it doesn’t, anyone in or near the house, including your neighbors, will suspect that something is wrong. No burglar wants to be caught in the act! They’d rather take their chances elsewhere. 

5. Keyless Locks

Supposing that your door is sturdy enough to resist brute-force, the lock becomes the weakest link. No lock is completely unpickable, but you could baffle intruders by installing keyless locks. There are several variations, some working with fobs, others checking your fingerprints, and of course, there are also keyless locks that work through your smartphone. Some of these locks also photograph people as they enter – probably not a good source for your best selfie, but a good way to keep an eye on comings and goings. 

Bigger Budget? There’s More

Home security tech has been moving with the times, and there are some pretty slick security systems that you can use to beef up home security. Many of them are backed up by live teams operated by security companies and if you have the budget, they can be well worth the investment. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that most burglars are simply opportunists. Eliminate the opportunity for them to get their hands on your belongings easily, and they’ll move on in search of softer targets. Be savvy and stay safe!

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