5 Must-Travel Destinations to See to When You Have Time Off

Must-Travel Destinations

Time away from work is a valuable commodity that can often go underutilized. While you may be tempted to kick back and do nothing, it can be even more energizing to go out and have an adventure. If you want to make the most of your downtime when you have time off from work, you should schedule a trip. While there is an endless number of excursions that can give you an exciting new adventure, if you want a trip that will exceed your expectations, here are five places that must-travel destinations for a reason whale watching los angeles.


Hawaii is a considered as one of the must-travel destinations and also paradise for many reasons, and it certainly will live up to the hype. Whether you explore the most commonly visited main islands or the less-traveled path to Molokai, you won’t be disappointed. From waterfalls to delicious dishes to an authentic luau experience, this is the kind of trip that will help you engage your mind and your body. While navigating multiple islands during one trip can cause a lot of anxiety, if you want to see everything, consider a hawaii cruise to ensure that you can make the most of your time. If you want to truly experience paradise, give yourself time to unplug and truly absorb all of the beauty that this idyllic setting has to offer.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Another place that is known for its iconic sights and connection to pristine surroundings is Glacier National Park in Montana. This location is known for hiking, camping and exploration. There are more than 700 miles that you can hike and explore and the numerous wildlife around the park will prove to be good company. With backdrops that will be sure to take your breath away, it may be difficult to acknowledge that this level of brilliance is real. For those who want to completely unplug when they have time away from work, Glacier National Park is a must-schedule vacation.

Charleston, South Carolina

For those who prefer a bit more hustle and bustle during their time off work, Charleston, South Carolina offers the perfect combination of quaintness, quiet, charm and fun. With historical sites, southern charm and plenty of mouthwatering meal options, there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are drawn to water sports, arts or just old fashion relaxing, Charleston has something to offer. Don’t forget to add a boat or walking tour to truly get to know the history and wonder of the area. There are so many activities to experience and sights to see that you will have significantly more than any one person could fit into one trip.

Madeira, Portugal

For those who are looking for a far-off adventure, Madeira, Portugal is an adventure of a lifetime. Located off of the African northwest coast, this is nestled in the picturesque seaside. Whether you want to unwind by the water, enjoy the delicious dishes of the region or venture into town, Madeira is a gorgeous place to unwind and relax when you have time away from work. Don’t miss out on the beautiful botanic gardens and the delectable wine pairings of the area if you truly want to make the most of your experience.


Iceland is a must-schedule destination for any worldwide wanderer. With ice caves, tours to see the Northern Lights and natural hot springs, this is truly a trip of a lifetime. While you cannot cram everything into a one-week trip, you can engage in an enjoyable blend of adventure and relaxation. Make sure that you will book a car rental service in Iceland and have your camera ready because you won’t want to miss the countless majestic and indescribably beautiful sights to see. Although, keep in mind that photos won’t do the real experience justice.

After learning about the iconic, amazing and must-travel destinations or locations, you won’t want to waste another minute squandering your time off. Instead of stepping back and letting life pass by in solitude, step out into the world for an adventure and let your excursions energize you. Before you plan your next adventure, add one or all of these destinations to your list and experience all that the world has to offer.


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