Are You Creating A Remote Office? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelance Android Developers

freelance android developers

The last few months have brought about more changes in the job market than the previous five decades combined. With the world trying its level best to avoid any form of physical interaction, more and more jobs are becoming remote.

This poses a host of benefits to the employees. While it offers better ways of striking a work-life balance, it also opens the doors to several new employment opportunities from across the world. With remote offices, all geographical boundaries are overcome, and the sky is the limit if you have the required talent.

Save on Overhead Expenses

The benefits of a remote office are all the way more significant from an employer perspective. With reality prices rocketing by the minute, allowing employees to work from home has substantial financial advantages. Also, the lack of forced office interactions will enable employees to concentrate on their job and deliver better results.

This is especially true in the case of android developers, as their work is most coding-oriented. This article talks about the top 5 reasons why you should hire freelance Android developers when setting up a remote office.

Save on Overhead Expenses

Hiring a permanent resource is a cumbersome activity. There is a process involved that usually begins with advertising for the post (in multiple portals), scrutinizing the resume of each applicant, and then shortlisting the ones for the interview. The screening of resumes and making phone calls itself will take a considerable amount of time for your in-house team.

Post that, you need to have multiple rounds of face-to-face interviews to ensure that the developer you are hiring is technically sound and has an attitude that is in alignment with your company culture.

While the process may seem complicated initially, it is essential to go through it while hiring a permanent resource who will stay with you for years. Android comes with new features and updates, and it is vital to ensure that a developer under your payroll can adapt to the changes that are to come.

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While hiring a freelance developer, your only job is to ensure that the person is fit for this project. This, like long term adaptability, need not be considered. That way, the interview process becomes much more straightforward, and the recruitment will not eat into much of the productive time of your in-house team.

Lowering the Risk of the Wrong Hire

In most cases, the development of an app spans over 4-5 months. When you hire a freelance Android developer, you have the luxury of appointing him or her for an entire project or for a part of it. If the developer you hire is not among the best Android developers and you realize that you have made a mistake, the same can be easily rectified.

If the developer was hired every week (or was asked to deliver a particular module of the project), you could replace them as soon as possible. If they were hired for the project, they could be laid off in a matter of months.

However, had you opted to hire an Android developer as a permanent employee, you would have to put up with him or her (as per the terms of the employment clause) even if you were not satisfied with the quality of work.

Finding a Developer who is Updated

The world of freelance coding is a highly competitive one. To be able to survive here, one needs to be abreast of the latest developments in the field of application development, and up-skill themselves in the different disciplines of Android development.

A permanent employee usually focuses on the technology they are currently associated with and does not worry about the latest trends in the field. Rarely do organizations opt for sweeping changes in their technological trends. As a result, permanent employees do not feel the need to upskill themselves for their survival.

Thus, as an employer, when you hire a remote Android developer, the odds of him or her being willing to walk the extra mile to learn and implement something new in your project is significantly higher.

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Access to a Larger Talent Pool

In the traditional setup, if you had a project that is important to you, you will be hiring the best Android developers and even the best PHP developers in your city. Now, when you are creating an utterly remote office, you do not have to restrict your talent pool to people within your city.

That way, if you want a developer who is proficient in any particular aspect of Android app development, you may specify the same, and the odds of you finding talent of your choice is significantly higher. As you are looking to conduct your business in a remote setup, you may also look for developers working from a different time zone.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Just ensure that the developer you hire is capable of adhering to deadlines and is comfortable with the idea of screen sharing (particularly for knowledge transfer purposes).

Better Motivated Developers

Android developers who take to freelance work are the ones who have full faith in their technical abilities and are confident in landing their job. Such developers know how to deal with problems and will not approach you for every minor thing.

This problem-solving attitude is necessary when you are planning a remote workplace as it will not be feasible for the developer to simply walk up to the next cubicle and clear doubts with a colleague.

Freelancers know that the sky is the limit in terms of earning potential, and that is why they are not comfortably complacent with their work.

Their innovation, self-belief, and motivation levels are significantly higher than their peers who are full-time employees of a particular organization. Having a freelance Android developer in the team will go a long way in boosting the morale of the group.

Thus, you can see that android developers hiring a freelance Android developer is advantageous for you, both from a monetary and quality perspective. As you set out in establishing a remote workforce, such freelancers will contribute to it productively, thereby becoming an irreplaceable asset for your organization.


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