5 Signs that a Horse is Going to Win the Race


The day you walk out of the stadium a richer man is a very sweet experience. But, of course, not everyone experiences it; for some of us, we choose to do some research instead of just relying on sheer luck. However, how do you exactly make yourself better at winning in a type of sports betting where the biggest aspect is luck?

Like any other sports betting type, there’s no accurate way of telling which horse will win the race. However, you can give yourself a chance to make an informed guess by researching. One of the best ways to start your research is to find the telltale signs that a horse will win. But what exactly are those signs? Let us help you with that.

Track Record

If you want to learn more on handicapping, one of the best ways to start your research on a specific horse is to look at his track record. Generally, a horse that is a consistent top three on his most recent races is a good bet. However, we should emphasize the word “recent” here because if those races aren’t recent enough, then that information is useless. Not only that, but you also have to look at the factors in which the horse finished in the top three.

You should look out for the track surface, the type of race, and even the weather. Why are these factors important? Let’s take a look at the track surface, for example. Let’s say that the horse you’re studying is heavy-footed. 

A heavy-footed horse is generally slow on dirt track surfaces, especially when it rained the day before because of the mud. This is because their hooves will burrow deeper in the dirt, impeding their speed.

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Days Rested

For some, the number of days a horse has rested is trivial information. However, that is far from reality. The number of days rested is very impactful information for us punters. This is because, like human athletes, horses also feel fatigued; if they participate in a race while tired, their chances of winning will dip. However, it will be too relaxed on the field when it’s over-rested, making it slower than usual.

In short, a horse that is either very tired or over-rested will impact its performance in the upcoming race. That said, how many days should a horse rest? That sweet spot would be between 30 to 60 days. However, you should not expect it to be back on its physical peak immediately as it will take him 1-2 races to be back in its prime.

Repeat Contestant

Ever heard of the saying that tells you to not expect a horse to do something it has never done before? If so, then you heard it right. This saying is sound advice because it tells us not to expect a horse to win a race it has never won before. 

For example, let’s say you’re following this horse on the Kentucky Derby, but in its track record, it has never won the race. That said, that horse will be a bad bet because it won’t win the race all of a sudden. Sure, surprises can come here and there, but for the most part, don’t bet on that horse.

That said, the opposite can also be true. If a horse has won the Kentucky Derby before, then it has a fair chance of winning the race. Its chance will increase if it has won the race multiple times. The horse is already familiar with the track and can win the race with its eyes closed.

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Some horses like to show off by doing extra things whenever they win a race. Some horses even know they’re being taken photos and often pose for the camera. One of the most notable horses to celebrate after a win is the great Zenyatta, who would do little tippy taps with her hooves as if dancing. She would even do this before the race starts, like acknowledging that she’s about to put on a show.


One of the advantages of going to the races yourself is that you can see the horses up close. This is because you can see how a horse would behave before the race. If you see the horse is nervous, sweating too much, and quite irritable, that means that the horse is not confident, which of course, it will not win. On the other hand, if the horse is calm, has steady steps, and even does a little showmanship, then that horse is confident and a good bet.

Final Words

There are many more signs that can tell you if the horse will win. However, just because a horse has all of these signs and more doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed win. However, it’s still a good bet because that horse has a high chance of winning. Sometimes all it comes down to is research and a little bit of luck.



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