5 Things That All Students Secretly Hate


If you ask an average student about what they secretly hate about the school, they might not tell you right away, yet one thing is clear – they all want to get things done as soon as they can to finally switch to some other activity. Asking the others, they will mention such disturbing aspects as school bullying, which has been taking place for decades and only recently started to receive sufficient coverage. Since school or college represent a part of life, we all need a little bit of help and empathy to get through it all. The most important is to remain sincere and stay true to what you believe in, no matter how challenging it may get! 

5 Things That All Students Secret Hate & Solutions

  1. Too Much Homework. 

I always remember my youngest child who once told me that school would be great if there would be no homework. Growing up to be a college student, he still thinks the same! Indeed, having too much homework can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if one has a problem of procrastination or finds it hard to study remotely. The very structure of homework often makes students hate it because it seems endless with some tasks being out of place. The trick is to take one step at a time and create a mental outline where tasks are divided for urgent and those where you can take some time. 

  1. These Complex Grading Rubrics. 

Not knowing what these odd instructions mean seems to sound like rocket science for most students! The trick is to read it backward and do so aloud. Trust me, it starts to make more sense as you do! Write down what you can understand from the grading rubric. For example, to write an argumentative essay; two sources; one picture; counter-arguments paragraph; Bibliography page. 

  1. Homework Revisions. 
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You might remember that awful time when your school teacher or a college professor would hand your assignment back and let you see that it has those awful handwritten notes that sound even more cryptic than the original prompt! Do not worry and try to do one task at a time or ask questions. You have a right to it, and it does NOT make you stupid. You are there to learn so go for it! 

  1. Finding Sources & Composing Bibliography Pages. 

Students usually hate it because it is time-consuming and because one is not allowed to use Wikipedia and similar sites. Do not worry since you can use a simple trick. Just add “PDF” or “research” to your subject line and you will instantly get a better list with reliable sources that will make your teacher happy! 

  1. Proofreading. 

Unfortunately, the majority of students today either completely ignore the necessity of proper proofreading or try to do so briefly. It results in reduced grades that students always argue about as they fail to understand that good writing mechanics and style also count for the final grade. Those students who address this issue just turn to Google by typing something like LetsGradeIt and approach academic help online for their editing or thesis statement check purposes. Since it is often impossible to spot some mistakes, it becomes a great solution that always works! 

The Art of Cooperation 

They say that united we stand, divided we fall. It does work for school cooperation where you can unite with the other students against those things that you hate. Well, you can even get together with parents or grandparents to cope with the challenges that you face like coming up with a good essay topic or getting your class debates speech ready. The secret trick is to cooperate and remember that you are not alone. Just think about it and it will instantly make things look much brighter and easier. Keep your mind open, take one step at a time and you will definitely get there! 

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As an educator, Carl knows of all the challenges that students face. His posts are always entertaining and offer efficient solutions. Follow Carl to learn something new and find inspiration as you meet the challenges of modern education. 


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