5 Things to Consider When Hiring Engineers From Turing


Hiring software talent from online platforms for digital marketplaces has become extremely prevalent in the tech industry today. Turing is one of the most well-known options among the many that are available, and while some may decide to turn to Turing alternatives based on its reputation alone, there are a few factors which are important to still consider beforehand, even with the company being as established as it is.

Below are the top five aspects of hiring remote engineers that should be taken into consideration before starting the hiring process.

1. The price of skilled developers

Turing is one of the more affordable choices when it comes to finding highly qualified software developers. They have worked with many enterprises as their business clients, and the expertise of their developers remains thorough. 

With that being said, there are many companies which offer quality engineers of the same skill levels, at more reasonable costs. This is partly because with Turing, the engineers themselves set their prices, and the hourly rates are dependent on a few external factors as well, such as the state of the market. This is both good because businesses do not have to pay flat rates as high as some other companies’, but it is also something to consider when other platforms have prices that are still lower than Turing’s.

2. Tailoring work

Many companies have highly skilled experts, but that does not guarantee that they are a good fit for each business clients’ specific needs. Turing not only has skilled engineers available, but a significant part of their process is finding a potential candidate who is a good fit for your company.

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In addition to tech skills, vet for soft skills, which includes a personality test, to further ensure that there is a favorable match between both parties, and that the work that will be done can flow smoothly.

3. Services and ease of access

The process of hiring software developers through Turing can take from 3 to 5 days, after which a business is matched with an engineer. Because of how streamlined this is, you can begin working together immediately after Turing has set you up, making it an extremely easy and simple process.

Moreover, Turing allows you to hire engineers and to also help build teams as well. You can hire on a project or long-term basis, and either hire an individual or multiple individuals depending on your business’s needs. This agility greatly expands the possibilities of what you can accomplish through the service, and lets you fill any and all of the roles for which a skilled developer is necessary. 

4. Recruiting Process

Turing offers over 2 million software developers and engineers from 150 different countries across the globe. They are most known for their use of an AI-backed “Intelligent Talent Cloud” to vet and match developers with appropriate jobs.

This vetting and recruiting process has several stages, which includes having candidates complete both automated tests, and live interviews to assess their coping skills.

As mentioned, Turing also vets for soft skills, including personality tests, as well as project collaborations and past work experience, factors which are especially important when it comes to remote hiring, where it is more challenging to find proactive communicators.

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5. Available alternatives

While Turing is a reliable and popular option for hiring software engineers, there are many alternatives available, such as Gaper, Toptal, Upwork, etc. which operate just as well as Turing does.

When hiring software engineers, it is important to consider all marketplace options, so that businesses can hire based on their specific needs, and curate a much more desirable hiring experience for themselves.

Even if it turns out that, after assessing all of these possibilities, Turing is still the best option for your current needs, those needs may change in the future depending on projects or even growth of the business, and it is good to know which options have already been looked over to have a better understanding of where to start looking next.


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