5 Tips for Marketing While You’re Green


Online marketing is an ever-evolving industry. More brands than ever before are leaning into “green” or eco-friendly marketing to attract new consumers and to mark themselves as forward-thinking companies. You can also see major returns on your marketing investments by marketing while “going green”. Not sure how?

This article will explore how marketing experts like Klaviyo can help you master green marketing, plus go over five smart tips you can employ to market effectively while practicing green or eco-friendly advertising strategies.

Opt-In to Digital Marketing Materials

On average, Americans use about 100,000 trees for paper each year. That’s a lot of wasted bio-material, especially since a lot of that paper isn’t for essential documents but is instead used for basic marketing things like flyers, brochures, and more.

What better way is there to start on your green company journey than to go paperless? Digital marketing materials include:

  • E-brochures or flyers
  • Marketing emails
  • Online advertisements like Google PPC ads
  • And more

Digital marketing materials can be just as effective as paper-based marketing materials. In many cases, they also let you reach a wider target audience base than before (since you can send digital materials around the world in an instant).

Plus, digital marketing materials are cheaper to make; you have to spend lots of money to acquire the paper for marketing flyers or brochures, then print them out on your own dime. Digital marketing materials, by comparison, are either almost or completely free.

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Organizations like Klaviyo email marketing agency can help you design and push effective digital marketing materials like newsletters, online brochures, and other online ads that all use bits instead of paper to deliver your marketing messages. Ultimately, this is the best way to go green while marketing – by using no paper, you don’t have to cut down any trees to get your message to your target audience!

Recycle at the Office

You can also start marketing and go green by imposing a recycling program at your office or business premises. Recycling programs aren’t just good optics; they can sometimes result in tax breaks or other official benefits for your company, depending on where you live in the local regulations in your state.

By recycling at the office, you’ll “walk the walk” as you advertise with a green focus to your target audience, as well. This boosts brand authenticity and can bring people to your company as they develop long-term relationships with it.

Get Green Certified

To really go the extra mile, consider getting certified by different green business organizations. These certifications include:

  • Green Seal
  • Green Business Certification Inc.
  • Green America

Each of these certifications can be plastered on your website and on the marketing materials you send to your target audience. In any case, getting green certified by one of the above certifications or all three does a lot to show your commitment to eco-friendliness.

Again, this can maximize your appeal to your target audience if that audience is primarily comprised of green-minded people, like college students, Millennials, and similar demographics.

Support/Promote Eco-Friendly Programs

If your company donates to charities or supports local organizations, be sure those organizations are eco-friendly and green-oriented, just like your brand. The last thing you want is to be caught sending official company dollars to a program that cuts down trees or otherwise compromises your sustainability initiatives.

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Instead, try to donate to charities like the Greenpeace Fund, the Rainforest Alliance, or the Natural Resources Defense Council. Any of these charities can do great work to improve sustainability around the world while also marking your company as a defender of the Earth.

Naturally, as soon as you support or donate to these eco-friendly programs, be sure to mention them in your next email newsletter or in your next advertisement! Update your charities and initiatives on your website page, as well. This marketing method won’t do anything if your audience isn’t aware of your recent donations or support efforts!

Double-Down on Green Selling Points

If your products have any eco-friendly selling points, be sure to double down on them with all your advertisements or marketing newsletters. For instance, if you create one or more of your products using sustainable materials, be sure to highlight that aspect and mention it both on the product packaging and on the product purchasing page on your website.

Doubling down on green selling points can do a lot to affect how potential customers to your brand, contributing to a “green” brand identity in the long run.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to market successfully while going green is a company. Even better, the right email marketing agency can help you connect with your target audience members and see major returns on your marketing investments. Ask Klaviyo about eco-friendly email marketing advice today!


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