5 Ways Awesome Landscaping Can Increase Your Home Market Value


Landscaping is one of the ways to increase your home’s market value. Even a small improvement on your yard will already have a significant impact if you focus on the right elements.

But how would you know if your landscaping approach will help add some numbers to your property’s resale value? Check out these five ways landscaping can do just that, and all your efforts won’t go to waste. 

Use a Strategy When Designing Your Landscape

If your main goal is to increase your property’s value through landscaping, then you should use some strategy in designing it. When strategizing, you must create a plan carefully. Avoid cluttering your property with different high-maintenance plants and features. 

However, it is also not advisable to go bland with your layout. One of the best approaches in landscaping design is to mix perennials and shrubs. Diversity in your plantings can help improve your property’s looks as long as you don’t go overboard.

Furthermore, a trip to a local landscaping supply store near you can be helpful when planning a landscaping design. You will be able to see all the possible elements you could add to the design, which provide inspiration for a style that suits your taste. 

For instance, if you live in NSW, Australia, you can find a wide range of landscape supplies Central Coast offers at Oz Landscape Supplies. 

Meanwhile, if you are in the United States, it is best to choose a supplier with multiple branches throughout the country as it can mean they have a large range of supplies. 

Consider Adding Trees to Your Yard

It might sound simple, but planting trees in your yard will help boost your property’s value. A study by the University of Nebraska-Bureau of Business Research in Lincoln stated that homes with trees added to the property’s yard are worth a lot more than those without trees. 

The reasons why trees can significantly impact a property’s value lie behind the benefits they can provide. Trees can help shade your home from the sun’s heat and provide a cool area under it. It also helps eliminate carbon pollution and CO2 in the air. 

Moreover, trees are considered an environmental-friendly feature of your property that fits with the eco-friendly trend of home designs nowadays. And lastly, trees and other plants are excellent stress-relievers that provide homeowners with a calming mood. 

Complement Your Landscape to Your House

Not all landscape designs will increase your home value, especially if it doesn’t look appealing. Therefore, you must ensure that your landscape design will complement your house’s exterior look. Stick to a singular style from your home design to your landscaping design. 

For example, if you have a home with a modern look, it would look nice if your landscaping design consisted mostly of greeneries, manicured planters, and perennials. 

You can also choose a versatile design so that it can perfectly adapt to any home design. This way, you won’t have to worry about how your entire property will look if you get bored with your current home design and decide to alter it. 

In addition, if you decide to sell your home, having a versatile landscaping design will let a buyer easily change the design of the house. Remember that a poorly planned landscape will do no good to your property’s value. 

Install Landscaping Lights

Another way to ensure that your landscaping project will increase the value of your property is to add lights. A well-planned and well-designed landscaping will look nice when the sun is up. 

But how about at night? Will you see and appreciate how beautifully you executed the design in your yard? Probably not. It is why adding a landscaping light as a part of your design is necessary. 

The beauty of a landscape design will become even more alive at night if you add lights to highlight parts of your yard. It enhances the beauty of your landscaping, making it more pleasing to the eyes. In addition, lights also provide security as it keeps intruders at bay. 

Furthermore, lights on your landscape will create a cozy feeling at home. Choose the right lighting, and your landscaping will significantly boost your value up to the ceiling. 

Add a Fire Pit

During the height of the pandemic, when people were forced to stay at home to be safe, the popularity of fire pits increased. Although the world is slowly starting to recover and people are now allowed to go out, its popularity is still rising. 

It is the most desired yard feature suitable for young couples, families with kids, and anyone who loves to invite guests at home. In addition, you can opt to build your fire pit with inexpensive materials and increase your ROI up to 80% or higher. 

Start Planning Your Landscape

Now that you know how your landscape will help increase your home value, it is best to start planning your design. When doing so, consider the ways mentioned above and create a  landscaping in Hamilton design accordingly.


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