5 Ways To Get More Likes And Engagements On Your Tweets


To attract people’s attention we must know what they love. Twitter is one of the most used social media networks. A few simple tweaks can get you more attention and interaction on Twitter. Some tips to get more likes and engagements are explained below:

Post Consistently

The surest way to keep engagements flowing is to tweet regularly. Anyone can know how active you are on twitter by checking your last tweets and the gap between them. In twitter followers are proportional to your twitter activities. The more you tweet the more followers you get.

Ask people to act

If you want followers, you can get more of them. If you want shares, you can get more of those too. All you have to do is ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking people to complete an action. According to a survey, if you type ‘Please retweet’ in a tweet, you are likely to receive 51% more retweets. If your goal is to get more engagement all you need to do is to ask.

5 Ways To Get More Likes And Engagements On Your Tweets.


Use appropriate images

Pictures make your ideas more clearly to the audience. They need to understand your thoughts. According to a survey, sharing photos increase your retweets by 150%.

Use memes and GIFs

Apart from using photos, you can use memes or GIFs to your content. This makes your content attractive. Adding GIFs makes you trendy and funny.

Know the value of Hashtags

Hashtags catch the attention of the audience. Hashtags increase retweets. Using hashtags attract an audience interested in that topic.

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Good twitter Bio.

Your bio makes people a snap decision on whether to follow you or not. The best bio can include your occupation, the types of updates you share, your hobbies and the type of person you are.


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