5 Ways To Use Your Mobile For Entertainment


When you’re truly bored, you might think you’ll never find anything to do that will spark or rekindle your enthusiasm. However, there is one thing that the majority of people own nowadays that can help change that. A mobile phone or a cell phone (depending on where you happen to live) can be an excellent device to help you curb the boredom, whether it is on your commute to work, you’ve got a couple of hours free waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or you are just lazing around at home not really doing anything. 

It can be a great way to reward yourself after you finish a chunk of work or you’ve finished your chores early. Either way, a mobile phone is a great way to keep yourself entertained and your brain ticking over, whether it’s through games providing escapism or simply just keeping you in contact with your friends and family over social media.

#1 You could start playing games 

If there is one thing you can definitely do on your mobile phone, it’s play games. In fact, it’s such an integral part of owning any sort of Android or iOS device that it’s very unlikely that somebody who has a mobile phone doesn’t have any games on it. 

There are many different games to be able to get such as casino games offered by websites such as a Cafe Casino, meaning that you can also play slots and table games online, or if that’s not for you, there are RPGs, simple ‘match three’ games or those that involve puzzles solving as well. The bottom line here is that you can always find some way to entertain yourself when it comes to having some spare time and having your phone with you.

#2 Looking on social media

There is another way that you can find entertainment on your mobile phone, and that’s through having access to the various social media platforms that can put you in contact with the rest of the world. You can entertain yourself by watching videos, looking through posts, making posts of your own, making videos on your own, or even just keeping in contact with friends. 

You can look on there for the news; you can look at specific pages to check for announcements of your favorite businesses and celebrities. 

#3 For your hobbies, such as photography 

You can use your mobile devices as a creative outlet to embrace hobbies such as photography. Having a mobile phone means having a camera readily available at all times of the day. This means you can embrace your more creative side at any point, whether it be on your lunch break, on your commute to work, or maybe just when you’re hanging out with friends. 

You can take things to the next level with editing software, which can help you really find a great outlet for all of your built-up creativity. You can even combine using social media and your photography skills to create a page that is interesting, and adding to it can keep you (and others) entertained for hours without fail.

#4 Streaming Television shows 

You can also stream television shows on your mobile phone. This has become, due to the advances in tech and internet speeds, incredibly popular with just about everybody; whether you’re looking at the new Marvel Superhero or your new sci-fi drama, you can find it all on your mobile phone with the appropriate app (and often a subscription to one of the major streaming services). This can be a real godsend if you have an hour to kill on a bus or if you’re waiting for food from a drive-thru. 

#5 Listening to music

Listening to music is another great way to enjoy entertainment on your phone. But this isn’t just music that you can listen to podcasts, your favorite radio shows, and maybe even enjoy a good comedy from an audiobook. It can be one of the many ways to just sit and relax, or while you’re out for a walk, on a bike ride. Or even just lazing around the house. It can be the perfect distraction or boost to help your mood and keep you motivated for a tough day. 

A few final thoughts

There is nothing new about using mobile phones for entertainment. However, in recent years, it has expanded to include more people than ever. Whether it’s playing games, pursuing hobbies, looking into TV shows, simply listening to music, or even using them for work, there are many ways to use your phone. 

They have truly become a great part of our society and the way we live our lives, and you can find endless entertainment in your pocket on a screen, all literally at your fingertips.


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